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  • Every 4th auto sold in Kazakhstan is made in our country: Issekeshev

Every 4th auto sold in Kazakhstan is made in our country: Issekeshev

2 July, 2014 13:03
very fourth car sold in Kazakhstan is made in our country”, Minister of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan Asset Issekeshev said today during the press conference relating the result of implementation of the Forced Industrial-Innovative Development State Program.

“The engineering industry has registered a 75% growth, production of non-metal, mineral products increased by 47% and chemical industry increased by 28%,” the Minister informed. Besides, he noted that Kazakhstan managed to significantly increase growth in the processing industry (over 8%) and was ranked second behind Turkey in terms of this indicator.

“Looking at the figures achieved in the engineering sector we can see that the Industrialization Program had its impact on the quality of growth of the processing industry. The production of finished products significantly grew over the recent time. According to the Minister, the machine building figures in the railway field increased 21 times, production of cars grew 5 times and production of agricultural machinery increased 2 times. Thus, if in 2008 more than a half of the entire industry was aimed at repair and services (57%) now there is production of finished products.

As A. Issekeshev noted during his speech, the production of cars increased 11 times in the country in the period from 2008 through 2013.