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Statement by Head of State on Annual Address


Dear Kazakhstanis!

My annual Address to the people of Kazakhstan will be published tomorrow. Under the current legislation the President has the right to present the Address orally or in written form. This year I have chosen the second one.

This strategic document will describe a vision of country's development in a new stage.

For a quarter century we have implemented two modernization.

The first - it is the creation of an entirely new state on the principles of a market economy.

The second - it is the implementation of the Strategy-2030 and the establishment of the capital of our country - Astana.

Kazakhstan has developed rapidly and become one of 50 most successful countries.

A radical change of a technological way in the modern world requires a transition to a new model of the economic growth.

So my Address to the people will be dedicated to the third modernization of Kazakhstan.

Our task is country's global competitiveness in a new reality.

The basis of our actions - the Nation Plan for implementation of Five institutional reforms.

The accelerated technological innovation of the economy will become one of the key priorities of the Third modernization.

This means the creation of new promising sectors on the basis of digital technologies.

The expansion of the business environment and improvement of conditions for the mass business are crucially important.

For this it is necessary to minimize the state involvement in the economy.

It is necessary to reduce all possible costs for businesses and to develop public-private partnerships.

Among the units of the future growth model - agriculture, transport and logistics.

The development of the housing market and the measures for its state support will be told separately.

Education, health, social protection remain our priorities.

The macroeconomic policy also requires modernization.

The Government is instructed to develop a Strategic plan for development until 2025 within the third modernization of the country under the name "National Technology Initiative of Kazakhstan" as a response to the challenges. The Government has serious goals and objectives. There are all necessary resources and capabilities to reach them.

All of this will ensure the sustainability of the economic growth in the long term.

The project of political modernization of the state has been published recently.

Both initiatives complement each other and serve as long-term goals of country's development.

The only way we can achieve the main objectives of the Strategy-2050 - Kazakhstan's joining the 30 most developed countries of the world.

These are the key areas of technological modernization of Kazakhstan.

I am confident that the people of Kazakhstan will support the proposed measures for the future development and prosperity of the country.

I wish you all success in your important work.