Strategy 2050 – path for younger generation

  • Time of energetic people: Conditions being created for youth of Kazakhstan (OVERVIEW) 22 December 2017 The search for talented youth is always relevant all over the world. Now, in our country, there are many youth associations that help an ordinary young man in the realization of his goals. The main task is, of course, to form a new generation of successful Kazakhstanis. Read the review of the correspondent IA "" to know more about the activities of the main youth organizations of Kazakhstan, youth policy and the situation with the employment of young people.
  • Every year number of sports complexes in Kazakhstan increases (REVIEW) 20 December 2017 More and more Kazakhstani people are engaged in sports, win prizes and grand prix at international competitions. The interest in national sports is renewed everywhere, which is embodied in the implementation of "Rukhani Zhangyru" program. For the young generation to develop physically the regions of Kazakhstan open sports complexes every year. The Ministry of Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan reported about the current number of sports complexes in the country in response to a request by "".
  • Interest of population in culture sphere deepens in Kazakhstan (OVERVIEW) 15 December 2017 The fifth anniversary of the Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050" proclaimed by the President was celebrated on the 14th of December. Much has changed in the country in such a short time. For example, over the past three years, the level of people's satisfaction with the quality of services in the cultural sphere shows a steady positive trend. The Ministry of Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan reported in response to the official request by "" Information Agency.
  • 2017 was successful for foreign policy of Kazakhstan - M.Ashimbayev 14 December 2017 What is today's role of our country in regulating global problems, as well as what Kazakhstan has done to develop international cooperation in the outgoing year of 2017 and, in general, about important international events, Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security of the Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Maulen Ashimbayev talked in an exclusive interview to the correspondent of IA
  • "Kazakhstan - 2050" movement implemented more than 40 social projects 17 April 2017 Over the past four years, within the framework of the National Movement "Kazakhstan - 2050", more than 40 social projects have been implemented, covering about 1 million citizens, and this is every 17 Kazakhstani. This was announced by Chairman of the Council of the National Movement "Kazakhstan - 2050" Mukhtar Mankeyev during a press conference in the Central Communications Service.
  • What does prevent young Kazakh businessmen to become successful? 06 April 2017 In many developed countries, young entrepreneurs make a special bet. After all, the more young people will try themselves in business, the more significant will be their contribution to the development of the economic growth and increasing the investment attractiveness of the whole country. In Kazakhstan, becoming a young businessman is usually difficult, and the path of entrepreneurship is unpredictable, many people simply do not understand it. About the fact that hinders young entrepreneurship and how to find themselves in this path inexperienced novice businessmen were told by director of "GreenTAL" Emin Askerov in an exclusive interview with
  • 5K additional grants to be allocated within "Serpіn-2050" program 06 March 2017 More than 12 thousand students enrolled in "Serpіn-2050" program. In the 2017/2018 academic year it is planned to allocate additional 5 thousand grants, the Center for International Programs reported.