President's Tasks

Head of State instructed Government to increase minimal wage from January,1 by half - from 28 to 42 thousand tenge
08 October, 13:02

07 September, 09:49
The Parliament will legally simplify the registration of the self-employed population by meansof a single aggregate payment’s introduction. (Session ofthe Houses of Parliament, September 1, 2018)
06 March, 15:19
The Government and National Bank should elaborate the implementation mechanisms of the five social initiatives
13 September, 17:25
Since July 1, 2017, pensions have been raised for 2.1 million pensioners to 20% to the level of 2016
05 September, 09:48
The Goverment will prepare the investment strategy of Kazakhstan by September 1
28 August, 18:35
Implementation of "Nurly Zher" housing program has started this year
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