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«Nurly zhol» – path to future

Казахстан 2050. Наша сила

Наш путь. Наша сила

Our family - Our power

  • Lithuania acquaints visitors with "Kingdom of Rays" at EXPO (VIDEO) 22 August The Lithuanian Pavilion at EXPO-2017 retains the same tradition as in the previous EXPO, commissioner of the pavilion Romas Jankauskas said during an interview with a journalist of
  • N.Nazarbayev: Transition to Latin script doesn’t mean rejection of Russian language (VIDEO) 18 August The transition to the Latin script does not mean a rejection of the Russian language, from the Cyrillic alphabet. The Latin script will primarily concern the Kazakh language, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said during the interview with "Khabar" TV channel.
  • Swiss President: Youth should take part in future of state 15 August During the last weekend, President of the Swiss Confederation, Her Excellency Doris Leuthard, who has opened the National Day of Switzerland visited the EXPO-2017. During the exclusive interview with the correspondent of the IA “”, the Head of Switzerland has noted that Switzerland makes real the theme of the EXPO “Future Energy: measures for common sustainable development” and underlined that when transforming the Swiss energy system, the economic and ecological factors are taken into account. She has also said that there is no difference, who rules the country, either a man or woman, and appealed all women to enter to leading positions.
  • 20 historical statues to enter into Map “Sacral Astana” (VIDEO) 11 August 20 statues of cultural and historical significance will enter into the Map “Sacral Astana”, it was informed by deputy director of the Office of culture, archives and documentations of the Mayor’s Office of Astana Narima Mukhambetalina during the session of the expert group on the matters of implementation of the programme “Rukhani zhangyru”.
  • K.Shamshidinova: We should make education valuable (VIDEO) 11 August Chairman of the Board JSC “Nazarbayev Intellectual school” Kulyash Shmshidinova told about the way to correctly organize education in general education in Kazakhstan, during the session of the expert group on the matters of implementation of the programme “Rukhani zhangyru” in the Mayor’s Office of Astana.