Kazakhstan President's Address


«Nurly zhol» – path to future

Казахстан 2050. Наша сила

Наш путь. Наша сила

Our family - Our power

  • EXPO-2017 advert is shown on world TV channels (VIDEO) 21 April Advertising of EXPO-2017 is broadcast on the TV channels such as Euronews, Discovery, CNN, CNBC, National Geographic, the audience of which covers the whole world. This was announced by Akhmetzhan Yessimov, the Chairman of the Board of "National company "Astana EXPO-2017" JSC during a meeting on preparations for the exhibition.
  • Preparation for parade holds with no-claim - T. Koibakov (VIDEO) 19 April The training process for servicemen in preparation for the celebration on May 7 takes place according to the plan and with no-claim. This was told by Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces for combat training, Major-General Talgat Koibakov.
  • Akorda presented personal page of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan 17 April On the official page of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the social network Facebook, Akorda press service posted a video that tells about Nursultan Nazarbayev's personal page. The page can be viewed at website.
  • It’s necessary to involve private sector and civil society in fight against corruption – expert view (VIDEO) 12 April Kazakhstan moves very fast in terms of development in many areas, except for one - it is the fight against corruption. This was said by expert, member of the Advisory Council of the Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana Drago Kos during the international conference "Partnership for the improvement of civil service".
  • Astana hub - center of experience exchange in civil service sphere (VIDEO) 12 April Astana has become a recognized international center for an exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of civil service. This was said by Chairman of the Managing Committee of the Regional Hub in the sphere of civil service in Astana Alikhan Baimenov during the international conference "Partnership for Improvement of Civil Service".