Kazakhstan President's Address


«Nurly zhol» – path to future

Казахстан 2050. Наша сила

Наш путь. Наша сила

Our family - Our power

  • Kazakhstan carried out good preparatory work for EXPO 2017 - foreign experts (VIDEO) 25 February Currently Kazakhstan carries out the preparation work for the forthcoming International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 and is actively working to promote EXPO abroad. The opinions regarding the preparation and organization of EXPO were stated by the representatives of foreign delegations, participants of EXPO-2017 during the exclusive interview with taken within the third meeting of the international participants at the Palace of Independence.
  • OSHI implementation may give impetus to reduce drug prices - Kacevičius (VIDEO) 22 February Implementation of OSHI in Kazakhstan may give an impetus to reduce prices of drugs. This was told in an exclusive interview with IA by a consultant on OSHI implementation in Kazakhstan Gintaras Kacevičius.
  • WTO Countries should provide equal conditions for producers - Kushukova (VIDEO) 13 February Kazakhstan will automatically receive most-favored-nation (MFN) regime in relations with all members of the WTO. This was informed by director of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan Zhanel Kushukova in an exclusive interview with IA
  • Transition to new model of electing governors to bring positive result - expert (VIDEO) 08 February It is proposed to amend two articles of the Chapter 8 of the Constitution concerning local government. One of them - the election of governors will be regulated at the level of the law. Expert, PhD, leading researcher of the department of constitutional, administrative law and public law institution Mereke Gabdualiyev shared his opinion on this issue in an interview with
  • It necessary to simplify legislation in agriculture - expert (VIDEO) 08 February The President's Address outlines the need to develop agriculture and grain market. There are many laws and normative-legal acts creating difficulties for farmers to percept and understand the laws. The expert opinion on the topic has been expressed by PhD, leading research worker of the department of constitutional, administrative law and public administration at the legislation institute Mereke Gabdualiyev in an interview with