«Нурлы жол» – путь развития Казахстана

  • Taraz to launch 7 projects on modernization of heat networks 15 March 2017 This year 4 projects for the amount of 47.3 million tenge are developed for the continuation of the program on modernization of the heat networks in Taraz city, Yerik Kusherbayev, a head of the energy and housing and communal services department of Zhambyl region said during a briefing.
  • ‘Nurly Zhol’: Stepnogorsk to modernize water networks 03 March 2017 Worn water supply network in Stepnogorsk will be modernized due to "Nurly Zhol" state program, Governor’s Office of Akmola region informed.
  • Shymkent plans to triple exports of lubricant products 03 March 2017 The domestic manufacturer of lubricant products HILL Corporation plans to triple the export of its products, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan informed.
  • Yessil city to be heated by 1 boiler instead of 10 02 March 2017 Yessil city will be heated by one boiler instead of ten, head of the Department of energy and housing and communal services of Akmola region Viktor Radchenko said.
  • Akmola region increased population coverage by heat supply 01 March 2017 "Kokshetau Zhylu" successfully implements projects within the state program "Nurly Zhol". That was reported by Head of Department of Energy and Housing and Communal Services of Akmola region Viktor Radchenko during a briefing at the service of regional communications.
  • Through "Nurly Zhol" electricity deficit was eliminated in EK 24 February 2017 In 2017 in East Kazakhstan it is planned to implement 30 projects with funding of 11.1 billion tenge within the program "Nurly Zhol", and 27 projects on construction and reconstruction of utilities system by 4.9 billion tenge on "Ak Bulak" program of regional development till 2020, the govern reads.
  • Nurly Zhol: 31 schools to be opened in Almaty rgn in 2017 24 February 2017 According to "Nurly Zhol" program Almaty region will open 31 schools this year. This was announced by Governor of the region Amandyk Batalov at a meeting on the results of the implementation of housing construction, objects of engineering infrastructure and education in 2016 and tasks for 2017.