State of the Nation Address

Minimum wage increase will improve social well-being of Kazakhstanis - expert

Astana city08 October , 16:45

The Address of the Head of State has become a clear indication of the President’s strategic course, which has been advancing over the past few years, head of the socio-economic department of the Strategic Initiatives Institute of the Nur Otan Party, Kanat Ospanov, said to the Information Agency.

“The Address of the Kazakh President once again emphasized the social orientation of the policy of our state. Specific proposals were made by the President in the Address, including minimum wage increase by half. The scale is very large: 1.3 million people will receive a real increase in their income. I think it is very important for the economy of the country and social well-being of Kazakhstanis”, K. Ospanov said.

The speaker also mentioned measures that will help improve the situation of teachers and medical workers. Everything that will affect the development of human resources in Kazakhstan in the future.

According to the head of the socio-economic department of the Strategic Initiatives Institute of the Nur Otan Party, one of the important points in the Address was the President’s instruction to the National Bank of Kazakhstan to allocate long-term liquidity in the amount of 600 billion tenge.

“The discussion around this problem has been going on for many years in Kazakhstan, and now the President is putting an end to it. The January Address had already mentioned that the National Bank must provide long-term liquidity for the economy. But today we have heard specific figures, and I think this will have a very positive effect on the economy of Kazakhstan, especially as the situation in the world today is not easy. Such support is invaluable for our business”, the speaker concluded.

It should be noted that on October 5 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev delivered the annual Address to the people of Kazakhstan “Growth in prosperity of Kazakhstanis: rise of income and life quality”.

Saltanat Sarina

Collage by Nadezhda Linnikova