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‘Kazakhstan’ word changed into ‘QAZAQSTAN’ on Akorda’s coat of arm

Now the name of our country on the state symbol is written in the Latin script.
Astana city07 November , 09:48

These amendments came into force on November 1, 2018 in accordance with the Law “On the State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Also, the new look coat of arms appeared on the buildings of the Parliament and the Government of Kazakhstan.

Looking back, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Commission chaired by head of the Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology, Arman Shakkaliyev, with the participation of author of the state coat of arms, Zhandarbek Malibekov, took place on September 12, 2018, during which the participants made a decision to approve the No.1 amendment to the standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan 989-2014 “The State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Technical Specifications”.

Thus, the spelling of the “Kazakhstan” word was changed to the “QAZAQSTAN” word in Latin graphics throughout the Standard, as well as within the available ΔE color difference.

In addition, a reference to the methodological guide with detailed description and history of the state coat of arms and design documentation designed by author of the state coat of arms of Kazakhstan, Malibek Zhandarbekov, was adjusted. 

The amendments were due in accordance with the Decree of President Nursultan Nazarbayev “On the switch of the alphabet of the Kazakh language from Cyrillic to Latin graphics”.

Photo by Bauyrzhan Zhuasbayev