Foreign experts expressed their opinion on 5 social initiatives (REVIEW)

Foreign experts commented on the “Five social initiatives” voiced by President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the joint session of the Parliament of Kazakhstan on March 5.
Astana city14 March , 16:29

The “Five social initiatives” of President N. Nazarbayev are commented in the USA. American political analyst, leading expert in foreign policy, security and international relations Ariel Cohen holds the new initiatives aimed at social modernization the great progress of Kazakhstan.

“The current package of documentary reforms is a big step in the way of social development and stabilization of the social sphere in Kazakhstan. It is very important that the indigent receive such wide support from the state, including rent benefits, lower taxes, education conditions and microcredits. It also indicates that the overall level of Kazakhstan's economic development has grown. This is evidence of the great progress of Kazakhstan, the people and the President”, the political scientist noted.

Honorary Secretary of the Singapore Press Club Santosh Kumar thinks despite the fact that material gains are important, but social unity is more vital.

“President Nursultan Nazarbayev has realised that the lot of the underprivileged has to be improved if all is to benefit from Kazakhstan's economic growth. So, he is concentrating on providing basic needs, such as housing, higher education, better wages and more amenities, to the needy. He apparently does not want any section to be left behind as the country embarks on a fresh modernisation programme”, the speaker noted.

According to his words, it is noteworthy is that the President himself has understood what is bothering the less fortunate and has announced measures to make life easier for Kazakhstanis.

“This is a fine example of an equal opportunity advocate standing up for the underdogs. Kazakhstan is only going to benefit from these initiatives, as the people will be united in taking the country forward”, S. Kumar summed up.

Director of the Eurasian Communication Center, Aleksey Pilko, believes that the implementation of the social initiatives of the President of Kazakhstan will accelerate the formation of the stable middle class.

“First of all, I like Nazarbayev's initiatives related to the mortgages. And the issue of microcrediting is very important. If there is an elementary order in the sphere of microcrediting, this will be a huge help for the population, and this will be a real contribution to the social stability. And, of course, these are important components of the social society”, A. Pilko said.

“President Nazarbayev's initiative to create conditions for providing affordable housing for every family represents a big step forward, aimed at solving an important social problem. This means that the President is making great efforts to raise Kazakhstan to a higher level and help to take a worthy place in the modern world. Solving the housing issue will be a great incentive for everyone, especially for Kazakhstan's youth”, Bob Stewart, a member of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, commented on the “Five social initiatives”.


Saltanat Suraganova