Government session: How President’s instructions are implemented? (OVERVIEW) 13 February 16:15
The agenda of the Government session has included several issues such as execution of the instructions of the Head of State, given at the extended meeting of the Government on February 9, 2018, preliminary results of the social and economic development for January 2018.

  • What is the main work of the Ministry of Energy for 2018? (OVERVIEW) 22 January 17:19 Head of the Ministry Kanat Bozumbayev told about the results of the work of the Ministry of Energy done in 2017 and plans for 2018 at the press-conference in the Government. In general, read the material of IA "" to know about the tasks that to be done by the Ministry in this year.
  • To date over 300 facilities worth 164bn tenge privatized 18 January 13:41 Over 2 years, 476 facilities of the Comprehensive Privatization Plan were put forward, of which 367 facilities were sold, it was said by Vice-Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan at the press-centre of the Government.
  • Government approved National Action Plan for implementation of Address 16 January 12:14 The draft of the National Plan was developed in accordance with the instructions of the President's Address "New Development Opportunities in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution", which envisages 87 actions aimed at developing the state in 10 directions.
  • 220K new jobs to be created in Kazakhstan in 2018 16 January 11:34 In 2018, about 743,000 jobs with the employment potential have been identified, of which 220,000 are new jobs. This was said by Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duyssenova during a meeting in the Government.
  • AIFC to conduct IPO 16 January 11:02 The "Astana" International Financial Center is preparing to conduct an IPO in 2018. This was said by Minister of National Economy Timur Suleymenov during a government meeting.
  • Scope of homework to be reduced for Kazakhstani schoolchildren 15 January 13:41 Head of the Department of pre-school and secondary education Sholpan Karinova informed that the scope of homework will be reduced for Kazakhstani schoolchildren during a press conference on the liberalization of education in the seventh direction of the Address of the Head of State "Human capital - the basis of modernization" in the Government of Kazakhstan.
  • Kazakhstani universities to receive academic freedom in 2019 15 January 13:06 In 2019, it is planned to take measures on expanding academic and managerial freedom of universities. It was stated by Vice-Minister of Education and Science Bibigul Asylova at a press-conference on liberalization of the sphere of education within the seventh direction of the Address of the Head of State "Human capital - a base of modernization" in the Government of Kazakhstan.
  • Main increase of investments directed in agriculture in 2017 - MNE RK 11 January 12:43 In 2017, the volume of investments in fixed assets was 5.5%. In general, the main growth in investments was directed to agriculture, where growth was 29.3%. It was stated by Minister of National Economy, Timur Suleimenov, during the meeting of the Government.
  • MF RK announced execution of revenues and expenditures of republican budget for 2017 11 January 12:26 Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bakhyt Sultanov, told at the Government meeting how the revenue and expenditure parts of the republican budget for 2017 were executed.
  • National plan for implementation of President's Address to be prepared by Government 11 January 12:01 The Government will adopt a national plan on the implementation of the Address of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan. It was said by Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev at the session of the Government.
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