Government: Kazakhstan to boost non-primary commodities and services’ exports by 31.8% 16 April 16:28
Exports of non-primary goods and services stood at US$23bn., 4.1% up, in 2018 with non-primary exports equaling US$15.7 billion, 0.9% up. Meanwhile exports of services rendered stood at US$7.3 billion in 2018, 12.3% up. Read the article below for more figures in exports of Kazakh non-primary goods and services.

  • Veterinary and phytosanitary policy: what Kazakhstan pursues 02 April 15:48 Veterinary and phytosanitary security is of strategic priority in the country. Some positive trends are seen in this regard in Kazakhstan as a result of the measures taken by the country, making it possible to expand its export potential. Read more in the article below.
  • 102 projects for over KZT1.3trl were launched as part of Industrialization Map in 2018 26 March 16:42 The year 2018 resulted in a 4.1 per cent growth in the manufacturing industry, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development’s report on implementation of the national industrial-innovative development programme of Kazakhstan for 2015-19 says.
  • Agreement between National Bank and Government: 10 main measures on macroeconomy policy for 2019 26 March 12:54 As part of the instructions given, an agreement aimed at ensuring sustainable economic growth, keeping the stable level of prices has been signed between the Government and the National Bank, the following tasks have been identified: a balanced fiscal policy, an effective monetary policy and inflation control measures, the FX market’s stability, to attract investments and to found accessibility for funding the economy, the implementation of the national financial support programmes to develop the economy, to recover the real sector’s enterprises, the financial system’s sustainability, to decrease the hidden economy and to develop non-cash payments, to protect the customer rights and to increase the financial literacy, for more read the article below.
  • Statement by Government and National Bank on continuity of Kazakhstan-championed macroeconomic policy 20 March 10:49 The Government and the National Bank declare that the current policy on improvement of the well-being of the population, increase of the economic growth, reduce of inflation and insurance of the stability of the financial market will be maintained, informed.
  • New Cabinet of Kazakhstan’s Ministers appointed 25 February 17:44 By the decree of the Head of State, members of the Government of Kazakhstan have been appointed, the press service of Akorda reported.
  • Several ministries reorganized in Kazakhstan 25 February 15:33 The Head of State has signed a decree on measures for further improvement of the Government of Kazakhstan, the press service of Akorda reported.
  • Askar Mamin became new Kazakh PM 25 February 12:45 Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed a decree appointing Askar Mamin the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, the press service of Akorda informed.
  • Nazarbayev: Country’s Government should be dismissed 22 February 9:00 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has dismissed the country's Government. The Head of State announced the decision on dismissing the Government in a special address, the Akorda's press service reported.
  • Zarina Nurlanova appointed as Press Secretary of Prime Minister of Kazakhstan 25 July 21:03 By order of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Nurlanova Zarina Nurlanovna was appointed to the post of the head of the press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan – the press secretary of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, reported.
  • Logistics infrastructure in the Caspian provides realization of transit potential of Kazakhstan - A.Mamin 26 February 12:11 First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Askar Mamin, during a working visit to Mangistau region held a meeting on the development of the SEZ "Aktau Seaport" and on the implementation of the Logistics Infrastructure Development Plan in the Caspian, the Secretariat of the First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reported.
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