100 stories of success

Success story of "Kedr-7" LLP 04 September 15:32
The Kazakh-Syrian company "Kedr-7" LLP has been working in Kazakhstan’s market for 7 years and produces household chemicals under the trade marks Soft line and "Chudesnitsa".

  • Company for production of biscuits in Petropavlovsk modernizes 24 August 13:31 "Confectioner Max" LLP in Petropavlovsk produces the largest assortment of cookies, gingerbread and cakes in Kazakhstan consisting of 105 names, the Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu" reported.
  • Kazakhstan containers received international certificate 15 August 19:13 The Kazakhstan plant “Orgtechstrom” started to produce containers, corresponding to the international standards.
  • E.Askerov: Social entrepreneurship is my dream (VIDEO) 31 July 9:12 Social entrepreneurship is becoming famous around the world. Many authoritative universities included social entrepreneurship into their training programs. Social business’s goal is to finding solutions to acute social issues. This trend is new to Kazakhstan, the development of the trend of social entrepreneurship in Russia has already being carried for 10 years, in Kyrgyzstan for 7 years, but in Kazakhstan the first stage which is understanding of social entrepreneurship is being gone. People who launch such kind of projects and enterprises truly deserve esteem. The correspond of IA has talked with entrepreneur, director of “GreenTal” LLP Emin Askerov and revealed what motivated him to establish this project.
  • Dynasty of railwaymen: 475 years at the helm 10 May 13:47 A dynasty of railway workers - the Zhanabayevs with 475 years of service live in South Kazakhstan region.
  • Story of success: Name from encyclopedia "Kind people of the world" 26 April 20:21 Deputy Governor of West Kazakhstan region Marat Tokhanov congratulated veteran of the education sphere Askar Akyshev on his jubilee.
  • Success story: Teacher's contribution to education of younger generation 26 April 18:43 Deputy Governor of West Kazakhstan region Marat Tokhanov accepted Svetlana Bissembayeva, a prominent figure in the sphere of education of the region.
  • Yermekkhan Baysseitov - example of selfless service to the country 25 April 16:57 In the National Plan "100 concrete steps", President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke about the promotion of the idea of the Society of Universal Labor. The success of specific people from different regions, different ages and nationalities shows how effective this program is. will tell about a man who, from the very first days of our country's establishment, honestly and flawlessly served and continues to serve in the customs bodies of Kazakhstan.
  • Businessman from SKR purchased 500 EXPO tickets for veterans and invalids 17 April 14:32 South Kazakhstan region works actively to prepare for the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. To conduct the exhibition at the highest level, about 150 volunteers take part in the preparatory work, Governor’s Office reported.
  • K.Baibachenova: Support of domestic business is basis of strong economy (PHOTO) 07 March 20:23 Since 2010 Kazakhstan Furniture Company "Grand Prix" equips residential accommodations and office spaces with qualitative furniture. The newest equipment of the company allows to carry out both large and individual orders in short terms. In general about work of the company and a development of women's entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan had told Director of the furniture company "Grand Prix" Karlygash Baibachenova in an exclusive interview of IA.
  • Anuar Dosmagambetov 28 February 19:09
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