Modernization of the macroeconomic policy

Kazakhstan President’s Address discussed Almaty area’s mayor’s office of Astana

Kazakhstan President’s Address “Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" a new political policy of the established state" is discussed in mayor’s office of the Almaty district of the city of Astana under the chairmanship of mayor Sapar Akhmetov.
Nur-Sultan25 December , 00:00

Heads of the large organizations, establishments, directors of objects of education and chairmen of KSK of the area took part in meeting.

Sapar Akhmetov in the performance stopped at all stages of the Message of the Head of state, considering highlights for his realization in the Astana conditions.

Mayor noted that in any state social progress it is impossible without the economic growth therefore according to the Address, the macroeconomic policy of the state has to be modernized, beginning from transition to the new principles of economic policy including a comprehensive economic pragmatism, new budgetary policy, a tax policy and a monetary policy.

That is, in the conditions of global crisis, heads have to understand that the relation to budgetary financially process has to become careful and thought over.