K. Shamshidinova: Qualified teacher - basis of quality education within 12-year education system

Qualified teacher - the basis of quality education within 12-year education system, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" Kulyash Shamshidinova said during a meeting with journalists at the Nazarbayev University.
Nur-Sultan23 April , 18:30

“We will implement new 12-year education standard in Kazakhstan using highly qualified specialists. In 2011 President gave the order to prepare training courses for teachers, which consists of three modules. We implemented this task on April 4, 2012, these courses lasted 3 months. During this time we have trained Kazakhstani teachers a completely new training program, which carries the principles of foreign education," K. Shamshidinova said.

To date, according to data, more than 22 thousand teachers have been already trained.  It is planned to cover 48 % of Kazakhstan teachers.

"Qualified teacher - the basis of quality education within 12 –year education system. Our teachers were trained on three levels, each level provides additional salary increments. First level –is 30%, the second - 70%, and the third level - 100 %," Chairman of the Board explained.

In addition, K. Shamshidinova highlighted the  quality of  textbooks. In her opinion, they should be completely changed under the new program.