General Prosecutor's Office: Number of seized wrongly reduced in Kazakhstan

“The number of seized wrongly has reduced in the country,” Deputy Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Nurmakhanbet Issayev said during the media briefing at the Central Communications Service on Friday.
Nur-Sultan28 March , 13:28

"Protection of citizens' constitutional rights in criminal proceedings, where they seriously and significantly violated, is a key focus of supervision in this area. As a result of these measures, including the introduction of theduty prosecutors' institution, number of unjustified detentions of citizens, illegal searches, inspections and violations of the privacy of home  have significantly reduced,"Isayev. 

According to him the Prosecutor General's Office is actively taking steps to nylify them. 

"The Security Council supported the amendment by to the Law" On the judicial service" concerning the dismissal of the head of the territorial authority for the admission of gross and systematic violations of the constitutional rights of citizens" proposed by our authority," Deputy Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan noted. 

Besides, the Republic of Kazakhstan is working to protect the rights of people - implementing a joint project  to the email account of citizens in police stations is carried out together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kazakhstan. In the future, the inventory is planned to introduce in all organs.