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GDP per capita in Kazakhstan will grow to 24,000 dollars by 2018 - MEPB RK forecast

In 2014 GDP per capita will make 14,6 thousand dollars and will grow to 24 thousand dollars by 2018, the Minister of Economics and Budget Planning of RK Erbolat Dosayev at meeting said at the Government of RK.
Kazakhstan28 August , 00:00

"It is predicted that nominal GDP will grow from 38.6 trillion tenge in 2014 to 65.9 trillion tenge in 2018. GDP per capita in 2014 will make 14.6 thousand US dollars, and will grow by 2018 to 24 thousand US dollars,” Dosayev said.

 Thus level of annual inflation, according to department, in 2014-2018 will be in limits of 6-8%.