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Strategy 2030: Kazakhstan «ship» did not lose the course – Aset Isekeshev

In Astana experts, politicians, top managers of national companies, scientists summed up thirteen years' realization of one of the main strategic documents of Kazakhstan - Strategy 2030.
Kazakhstan06 August , 00:00

"Strategy 2030: the way to a sustainable development, emphasized that the strategic plan of Kazakhstan till 2030 became a guiding star for the state which through hard times conducts to a sustainable development and taught not to evade from a course. As Seneca said when the ship doesn't where to go, no wind will be passing. And today, in the conditions of that uncertainty in the world economy, occurring global transformations, the Kazakhstan ship didn't lose the course," Isekeshev noted.

The Deputy Prime Minister reminded that the first third of a way is already passed, besides quite successfully. Kazakhstan finished the tasks set for the first decade from the date of acceptance of Strategy, in 2008. So, by gross domestic product in 2008 it was doubled, in 12 years of gross domestic product of the country increased by 6 times – from 22 billion US dollars to 134 billion in 2009.

"Per capita gross domestic product for this period grew by 4 times and in the current year exceeded 7,000 US dollars. The volume of direct foreign investments to Kazakhstan reached 118 billion US dollars, the international assets of the country, taking into account National fund, exceed 57 billion dollars of the USA. Every year the banking insurance sector and accumulative pension system become stronger. Certainly, difficulties were, but as a whole the sustainable development shows stability, and we see that cataclysms to us managed to be avoided," A.Isekeshev emphasized.