Alternative energy resources’ development

‘KazAgroFinance’ adopts financing of renewable energy program in agriculture

As part of the President's Address in 2014 "KazAgroFinance" has begun work on the introduction of high technologies in agriculture, official spokesman of the company Rinat Kemeshov said in an exclusive interview with IA
Astana city 11 February, 09:41

"Head of the State in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan set clear objectives, priorities, which we have to implement in order to achieve the goals and be part of the top 30 developed countries of the world. In this regard, the Head of State stressed the importance and necessity of the introduction of high technology in agriculture. First of all, it will provide higher quality products. "KazAgroFinance" started active work in this direction. We have adopted a program on financing of high technology leasing - the equipment which generate alternative energy sources, such as  wind turbines and solar panels that need to be commissioned and installed in the remote villages of our country, where there is no traditional electricity,” R. Kemeshov told.

According to him, this technology will save money and get more effective resources for the life of farmers.

“Regarding water-saving technologies, the President said that they should be 15% of passive area until 2030. We have already begun work on the introduction of high technology such as drip irrigation, which is used in southern and western regions of the country. It will save funds and water, and give good results for fruits and vegetables products," the spokesman resumed.