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Cyber security issues discussed in Akorda

The meeting of the expert council of Kazakhstan President’s Security Council was held on January 23, the press service of Akorda reported.
Nur-Sultan23 January , 17:09

The meeting covered regional development of Kazakhstan amid threats and challenges to the national security and social stability.

President’s assistant and secretary of the Security Council Kairat Kozhamzharov outlined key issues of cyber security during the meeting.

Security Council Secretary  paid particular attention  to analysis of modern risk manifested in the development and implementation of cyber - technology and existing approaches to ensure the protection of the state under the new conditions as well.

Besides, members of the Expert Council and heads of government agencies considered critical issues of cyberspace, including: development of state regulation in the field of cyber security, its legislative provision and terminology, the militarization of cyber technology, equipment and software, training and personnel work.

In conclusion  K. Kozhamzharov identified specific tasks of state bodies and expert community by focusing on an integrated approach and long-term strategic vision of the state policy on cyber security .