Industrialization Day: winners of “Altyn Sapa”, “Uly Dala Eli”, “Isker” contests determined

Nur-Sultan 11 December, 15:44

“Altyn Sapa” contest

This year, 182 enterprises have taken part in the “Altyn Sapa” contest, including 78 small businesses, medium-sized - 76 and large - 28 enterprises.

The winners have been determined in four nominations: “The best industrial enterprise”, “The best enterprise producing goods for the population”, “The best enterprise providing services” and “The best enterprise producing food products and/or agricultural products”.

"The best industrial enterprise" nomination: SemAz LLP (East Kazakhstan region), ALUGAL LLP (Almaty region), Ural Trade and Industrial Company LLP (West Kazakhstan region).

“The best enterprise producing goods for the population” nomination: Raduga LLP (North Kazakhstan region), Bal Tekstil LLP (Turkestan region), Novacom Technology LLP (Zhambyl region).

“The best enterprise providing services” nomination: MYRZA-KHAN LLP (Astana), Kazakhstan Rail Certification Center LLP (Astana), "BiKaDa" LLP (Mangistau region).

“The best enterprise producing food and/or agricultural products” nomination: Rybprom LLP (Almaty region), Meat-processing complex “BIZHAN” LLP (Almaty), Gormolzavod LLP (Akmola region).


The republican contest-exhibition “The Best Product of Kazakhstan”

153 subjects of large, medium-sized and small business have pretended to the victory in the contest.

Three winners have been determined in the nominations: “The best industrial products”, “The best products for the population”, “The best food products”.

“The best industrial products” nomination: DOLCE LLP (Almaty region), Zerde Ceramics LLP (Shymkent), NPO Medidez (Kostanay region).

“The best products for the population” nomination: West Line doors LLP (Aktobe region), Caspiy Lana Atyrau LLP (Atyrau region), Dalatex LLP (Kyzylorda region).

“The best food products” nomination: Shin Line LLP (Almaty region), ViZaVi Company LLP (North Kazakhstan region), Danone Berkut LLP (Almaty region).


“Uly Dala Eli” and “Isker” prize winners

This year, according to the results of the voting, four enterprises have been recognized as laureates of the “Uly Dala Eli” contest: PIK ASTANA Yutariya Ltd LLP (Astana), KNAUF GIPS KAPCHAGAI LLP (Almaty region), Ural Transformer Plant LLP (West Kazakhstan region), MILH LLP (Kostanay region).

Among the winners of the “Isker” prize are: “Zhulduz” PI Fashion House of Mariya khanym (West Kazakhstan region), “Saransk garment and knitwear factory “Galex Plus” (Karaganda region), Global-Specodezhda LLP (Aktobe region), EurasiaInvest Ltd LLP (Karaganda region), “Apiary of the Pilipushko family” farm (North Kazakhstan region), “The CHEF delecatessen” (Astana), “Apiary” farm (East Kazakhstan region), Rosa Felting Plant LLP (East Kazakhstan region), Zhekenova Asel PI (Mangistau region), EcoFarm International LLP (Shymkent).

It should be noted that the award ceremony has been held within the framework of the nationwide teleconference “The Second Five-Year Plan of Industrialization”, with the participation of Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Saltanat Sarina

Photo by Bauyrzhan Zhuasbayev