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24 536 Astana residents to be covered by employment measures in 2018

As part of stabilizing the situation in the capital's labor market, Mayor of Astana city Asset Issekeshev specifically approved the "Integrated plan to promote employment of the population of Astana for 2018".
Nur-Sultan18 January , 19:18

In 2018, Astana plans to cover 24,536 people with employment measures, the capital employment center reported.

The integrated plan means active employment measures and employment in all government and government programs, such as "Nurly Zhol", "Nurly Zher", SPIID, "Business Roadmap-2020", the Program for Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship, as well as other programs and private initiatives.

"Active employment measures means employment in social workplaces, organization of youth practice, referral to public works, vocational training, vocational guidance, social assistance and adaptation, psychological and social support, job fairs", the employment center explained.

We remind that in the city of Astana in 2017, employers in various fields of activity created 19,257 permanent new jobs, including in the transport sector - 1,876, in construction - in 1977, in the field of industry - 449.

At the enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses, 14,955 jobs were created, which is 78% of the total number of new jobs created.