Senate Chairman met with Finish parliamentarians

Chairman of the Senate Kassym-Jomart Tokayev received the delegation of the Parliament of the Republic of Finland headed by Deputy, representative of the parliamentary group of friendship with the Central Asian countries Ville Skinnari.
Nur-Sultan 15 January, 20:49

During the meeting, the issues of development of bilateral relations and inter-parliamentary cooperation. The speaker of the Senate noted high results of economic and technological development of Finland from the moment of independence in 1917, the Senate press-service informs.

According to K. Tokayev, cooperation with Finland, particularly on the matters of tansfer of "green" technologies and the use of renewable sources of energy, in which Suomi has a huge experience, and is of a certain practical interest for  Kazakhstan.

K. Tokayev expressed gratidude for an active contribution of President of Finland Sauli Niinisto to the owrk of the 5th Convention of Leaders of world and traditional religions in 2015, expressed Finish leaders for an active participation of the country in the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. The sides exchanged views on on prospects of further cooperation within the projects implemented at the EXPO in Astana: the International hub on development of "green" technologies and investment projects under the auspice of the UN, the AIFC, the International technopark IT-startups. According to the Finish deputy, this sphere presents great possibilities for the implementation of the potential of bilateral cooperation.

The Chairman of the Senate noted the potential of partnership relations of transport and logistics spheres of Kazakhstan and Finland, particularly in the context of linking of the Chinese innitiative "One belt, one road" and rhe Kazakhstani program "Nurly zhol". 

"We consider Finland as a leading transport hub in the Baltic region and North Europe", said K. Tokayev.

The Senate speaker emphasized the cooperation in the sphere of education, calling upon a wide exchange of experience, as well as teachers and students. The Head of the Upper Chamber of Parliament informed the interlocutor about the annual Address of Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan, where 10 kay tasks of modernization of the country were set in the conditions of the Fourth industrial revolution.

V. Skinnari gave a high appraisal to the Address, noting a common nature of callenges before the two countries: digitalization, economic reforms, the need in development of "green" technologies, fight against corruption and others.  

"We need to work together, in order to successfully combat these challemges", say the Finish parliamentarian. He acknowledged the readiness of Finland to facilitate in resolving the large-scale tasks set before Kazakhstan.

The Senate speaker expressed satisfaction with the dynamics of bilateral parliamentary interaction and invited the Finish side to further exchange of parliamentary delegations.