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USA shows interest in Kazakhstan in many respects - expert

Today the USA interests in Kazakhstan in many respects, primarily as a leader in the Central Asian region. It was said by President of the association of legal entities "Internet Association of Kazakhstan" Shavkat Sabirov at the interview to IA
Astana city15 January , 17:21

Participation of Kazakhstan in the work of the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member is certainly a step forward in our foreign policy and in general, Kazakhstan's initiatives on the international arena", said Shavkat Sabirov.

He noted that Kazakhstan has reached the international level already having a rich experience behind it, and various initiatives that are of interest not only for our region, but also in principle, play a big role already in the whole world.

"All that concerns our chairmanship in the UN Security Council, this in itself is a standard procedure for members of the Security Council that on the principle of rotation, to participate as chairmen with their duties, powers, etc. Work in the UN Security Council is non-stop, there are 2 meetings a day, almost every one of them needs to speak out the position of our country. Those, in fact, the amount of work is simply colossal for our employees. And now in January, being the chairman, Kazakhstan has already started to move quite actively. As for Kazakhstan, here we have a number of certain initiatives that our President will directly announce during the participation in the work of the Security Council", said Shavkat Sabirov.

He also commentated an upcoming meeting of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev with President of the USA Donald Trump.

"This will be the first official meeting, meetings in Washington are envisaged, direct participation, discussions, also there will be 2-3-day visit of the Head of State to New York for the meeting of the UN Security Council. I think that for today the United States is interested in Kazakhstan in many respects, primarily as a leader of Central Asia. The second very important issue is that today the Afghan issue has reached a dead end. What further steps it takes is unknown, because even the Afghans themselves admit that it is necessary to take extraordinary measures in order to get out of this impasse. Kazakhstan has a number of proposals for working with Afghanistan, so I think that in Central Asia, Kazakhstan can act as, say, a regulator or mediator in the Afghan issue", concluded the expert .


Kairat Zhandybayev