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Tanirbergen Berdongar: President emphasizes development of Internet-technologies in Address

In the Address, the President precisely emphasizes the development of Internet-technologies. All concepts of digitalizatio should actively enter into the public life. This was stated by President of the association of legal entities "Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan" Tanirbergen Berdongar within the session of the national Coalotion of Democratic Forces "Kazakhstan-2050" to support the Address of the Head of State.
Astana city 12 January, 13:29

"At all times, the degree of economic development has divided society into social groups, social strata. Now we come to such a very interesting moment in the history of mankind, when every person has an objective opportunity to raise his level of well-being due to his own intellect. It does not depend on belonging to any particular group, does not depend on the degree of wealth of his parents, does not depend absolutely on how a person is integrated into different social groups and strata", the public figure said.

According to Tanirbergen Berdongar, for many young people who actively use the Internet, this opportunity to increase the level of well-being is realized in this Address.

"This happens due to the fact that literally some decades ago, the Internet and smart technologies began to be realized that, firstly, people can be realized, secondly, to make the society more transparent and involve the public in increasing the degree of participation in all sorts of civil initiatives. The President clearly says that we have fully placed digitalization at the center of the development of our country not only in industry but in the governance of the State", T. Berdongar said.

In his opinion, now in Kazakhstan social networks, e-Government and the ability to fully manage the State through a simple smartphone are comprehensively developing.

"In my opinion, the emphasis that the President makes in the Address is to develop Internet technologies: blockchain, big-date. All these concepts must actively enter our life and it is necessary to give every citizen the opportunity to directly manage the country and to realize himself as a specialist in this sphere", he added.

We note that today in Astana a meeting of the national Coalition of Democratic Forces "Kazakhstan-2050" in support of the Address of the Head of State took place, following which an appeal was made to the people of Kazakhstan.

Akbota Kuzekbay

Photo from Kazakhstanskaya Pravda