Address 2018: 10 main tasks

A.Myrzakhmetov: Development of technological priorities - main task of Address

The tasks of the annual Address of the President of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan were discussed by activists of Zhambyl region under the chairmanship of Governor of teh regional Askar Myrzakhmetov, the regional Governor's Office informed.
Astana city12 January , 16:47

"As you know, last year the third revival of Kazakhstan began. Currently, a comprehensive program "Digital Kazakhstan" is being implemented. The main objective of the program document is the development of infrastructure and technology priorities. To join Kazakhstan in the ranks of the leaders of the new world, it is necessary to digitize and introduce modern technologies in all spheres of life. Today we have gathered for a detailed explanation and implementation of the strategic document", Governor of the region Askar Myrzakhmetov said.

Within the meeting, reporters underlined that the region will continue to make efforts to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State.

Following the meeting, the Governor of the region gave relevant instructions to responsible persons on the implementation of the tasks. The Governor of the region instructed to thoroughly examine the Address of the President, to discuss it in their labor collectives.

We note that National Leader Nursultan Nazarbayev delivered an Address to the people of Kazakhstan "New Possibilities of Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution". In it, the Head of State set ten main tasks: industrialization; further development of the resource potential; "Smart technologies" - a chance for a breakthrough in the development of the agro-industrial complex; increase the efficiency of transport and logistics infrastructure; introduction of modern technologies in construction and municipal sector; "Reloading" of the financial sector; human capital is the basis of modernization; efficient state goverance; the fight against corruption and the rule of law and "smart cities" for the "smart nation".