Address 2018: 10 main tasks

K.Abdrakhmanov: Accents of Address will form base of economic diplomacy of Kazakhstan at new stage

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held discussion of the new tasks emerging before the Ministry in the light of an annual Address of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan "New Possibilities of Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution".
Astana city 12 January, 12:43

In the speech to the senior staff of the state body, Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov stressed that the accents of the Address will form the basis of Kazakhstan's economic diplomacy at a new stage. Together with the economic block of the Government, the mechanism of interaction on investment and export routes will be further improved. It is about attracting foreign investments and innovative technologies to priority sectors of the Kazakhstani economy, as well as promoting the products of domestic enterprises in foreign markets. The focus will be on international cooperation in the field of digitalization of industry, transport and logistics sector, modernization of the agro-industrial complex.

The Ministry will continue to introduce digital technologies to the work of the diplomatic service of Kazakhstan, including the improvement of electronic workflow, consultation services, the transition to the formalization of electronic visas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also will implement the projects with the use if multimedia technologies in the promotion of the Kazakh literature, Art and scenic creativity, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan informed.

THe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan foreign institutions of Kazakhstan strated the information and explanatory work with the aim to implement the task set in the Address of the Head of State.