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Mobile robotics room appeared in Karaganda rgn

In the baic school of the Resource center of Shashubay village, a modern study room for robotics lessons was opened, the Governor's Office of Karaganda region informed.
Karagandy 12 January, 15:49

According to the information, the new computer equipment was given to schoolchildren by the Computer Academy "Shag", which acted as a partner in this social project.

Laptops and 10 basic kits for designing and programming robots Arduino UNO will be used by high school students studying the course "Robotics".

"These classes contribute to the development of students' skills in engineering and creative thinking, as well as mathematical modeling. The new room is mobile, it is planned to move it and use it in remote rural schools in the Aktogay district", the regional Governor's Office noted.

Now for the pupils of primary and middle classes lessons of "logic construction" have already being conducted. In these classes, students with the help of Lego designers create models on the proposed scheme and present their creative projects. Continuing this course, high school students will learn to program devices on microcontrollers using the language of C and C ++ .

We note that the graduates of schools when choosing professions rely on the industries with the apply of digitalization of production processes and the development of modern business models, the introduction of information technology solutions, the use of digital technology. Educational robotics, as a new pedagogical technology, will help to connect children and young people to technical creativity, development of skills in design, modeling and programming.

The presentation of the school's innovative platform was attended by director of the Computer Academy "Shag" I. S. Rybkin, director of PF "KazBrand" I.A. Koshlyak, parents, teachers and students of the school.