Address 2018: 10 main tasks

Address has strategic character - Governor

Governor of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov voiced the instructions on the 10 directions of the annual Address of President of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan "New Possibilities of Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution".
Mangystau 12 January, 11:49

Activists of the region, Deputies of the maslikhat, Heads of state bodies and enterprises, representatives of the public and youth heard a report from Governor of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov.

"The new Address sets the main tasks at the time when the world is entering the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Address has a strategic character and creates conditions for solving the issues of state construction at a new historical stage of Kazakhstan's development", the Governor noted.

Yeraly Tugzhanov underlined tha tasks of the key items of the new Address.

"The first is the development of the manufacturing sector. The share of processing in the total volume of industrial production has now reached almost 8%. This year, it is planned to commission 6 projects worth 78 billion tenge. Particular attention will be paid to projects implemented in the territory of the Special Economic Zone "Aktau Sea Port". The second priority is the development of new approaches to the management of natural resources. To implement new alternative and "clean" energy sources, it is planned to implement projects for the construction of alternative energy sources. This is the construction of solar power plants in the villages of Shetpe, the Mangistau district, and Batyr of Munaily region, a wind farm in the village of Akshukur in the Tupkaragan district, the construction of a landfill for the disposal of solid waste in Bayandy of the Munaily district", Yehraly Tugzhanov said.

According to the third direction - the development of the agro-industrial sector through the introduction of "smart technologies", 6 projects are being implemented in the region. Construction of 3 vegetable stores in Aktau for a total capacity of 14.8 thousand tons of storage, 3 greenhouses in the Karakiya, Tupkaragan and Munaily districts for 1550 tons of vegetable products. The Governor also stressed that it is necessary to continue work on the creation of agricultural cooperatives.

Regarding to the fourth direction - increasing the efficiency of the transport and logistics infrastructure - in the ports of Aktau and Kuryk, railway transportation will provide a large-scale introduction of digital technologies for tracking the movement of goods in the online mode and their unhindered transit, as well as simplifying customs operations. Also, before the Governors of the districts and cities, the administration of passenger transport and roads Yeraly Tugzhanov set the task to ensure timely preparation of design estimates for the reconstruction and construction of inland settlements and inter-settlement roads.

"According to the fifth task of the Address - the introduction of modern technologies in construction and utilities - in 2017 in Mangistau region 833 thousand square meters of housing were brought into operation. To modernize the housing and communal infrastructure, it is necessary to actively involve the mechanism of public-private partnership. The sixth priority - reloading of the financial sector - at the regional level is a matter of further improving the investment climate. We need to create the necessary conditions and provide all-round support to investors who are ready to invest financial resources in the development of the region, the implementation of major investment projects", Governor Yeraly Tugzhanov said.

According to the seventh task - the development of human capital - from January 1, 2018, allowances for socially vulnerable layers of the population increase to 16%. There is a change in the pension system, which will be completely tied to the length of service. Teachers will be introduced a new scale of categories, which will increase the salaries of teachers from 30% to 50%. In Mangistau, 50 grants were allocated for the training of local personnel in demanded specialties, including in the IT-technology field and the "big date" (Big data). This year, another 50 grants will be awarded. In addition, within the framework of the eighth direction - Efficient state goverance - Mangistau is defined as a pilot to introduce a new system of remuneration for civil servants.

"The ninth priority identified by the President is the fight against corruption and the rule of law. To this end, we are working to modernize the public administration system, which in the near future will be presented to the public. The tenth direction - the implementation of the "smart city" project - in our region will be implemented through a new program "Atyau Serpin". It will make it possible to bring the regional center to a qualitatively new level of development", Governor of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov said.

The participants of the discussion voiced a full support for the new Address of Nursultan Nazarbayev and told about the implementation of the tasks, set by the President.