Address 2018: 10 main tasks

Coming decades to be time of introducing large-scale innovations - Deputy

The Address of the President to the people of Kazakhstan this year devoted to the development of the country in the conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Deputy of the Senate of Parliament, Vladimir Volkov, said.
Astana city12 January , 17:23

​"As the Head of State repeatedly noted, in the new global reality we are in, only those nations that will be able to get ahead of the future and resolutely meet the challenges, rather than stand and wait, will be winners. It is estimated that the coming decades will be a time of introducing large-scale innovations and increasing competition in global markets for high-tech goods and services", the Deputy notes.

In his opinion, innovation and high technologies will be the main drivers of economic growth. Until 2050, significant changes in the configuration of the world economy are expected, which will be affected by the forthcoming frontal transition to the technologies of new generations.

Vladimir Volkov added that considering the global development trends, the Head of State sets ten tasks, on the solution of which we all need to concentrate. Among the main tasks remains "the fight against corruption and the rule of law."

President N. Nazarbayev instructed to continue preventive work with corruption, which means strengthening work to identify and eliminate the causes and prerequisites for corruption.

"The task was set on the digitalization of the procedures of cooperation of state bodies with the population and business. It will enable to increase transparency of the work of state bodies, to simplify the process of receiving services by the population. Also, the owrk will continue to intensify the guarantees of the constitutional rights of residents, to ensure the rule of law, to humanize law enforcement activities", the Deputy said.

He noted that the Deputies of the Senate of Parliament intend to timely provide a qualitative legislative support to the implementation of the Address of the President.