Address 2018: 10 main tasks

Precise tasks to be fulfilled by Government to implement President's Address (REVIEW)

As is known, on January 10, President's Address to the people of Kazakhstan "New Possibilities of Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" was published. In this regard, specific tasks for all 10 priorities of the Address should be conducted by the Government this year. A number of instructions were given by Prime-Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bakytzhan Sagintayev, during the regular meeting of the Government.
Astana city11 January , 18:39

Firstly, as B. Sagintayev said, in the part of industrialization and introduction of new technologies, the Ministry for Investments and Development was instructed to develop new instruments aimed at modernization and digitalization of domestic enterprises with the emphasis on the export of products and trasfer of technologies, as well as to determine pilot projects on digitalization of a number of industrial enterprises and to start to implement them. Minister for Investments and Development is responsible for the project. 

"The Ministry of Information and Communications should develop a complex of measures to develop digital and innovative solutions on the base of the Nazarbayev University, the AIFC and the International Technopark of IT-startups; functioning of a private market of venture financing and to provide the development of relevant legislative amendments. Minister of Information and Communications, Dauren Abayev, is responsible", Bakytzhan Sagintayev said.

Also, the Minister for Investments and Development was instructed to start the development of a draft state program of the third five-year industrialization with an amphasis on digital technologies. Minister for Investments and Development of Kazakhstan, Zhenis Kassymbek, is responsible for the project.

"The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population together with Governor's Offices and interested Ministries to evaluate risks of the release of employers and to determine an agreed policy on employment of those released, in general, to accelerate the work on the inflow of labor resources. Tamara Duisenova is responsible", the Head of the Government said.

Regarding the second direction - the further development of resourse potential, the Ministries for Investments and Development, Energy were instructed to take measures on improving approaches toward the extraction of minerals by active introduction of complex information and technological platforms.

"The Ministries for Investments and Development, Energy, Agriculture were instructed to work out the matters of establishing standards of energy consumption to produce production units. THe Ministry of Energy should introduce proposals on creation of conditions to attract investments in the sphere of renewable sources of energy", B. Sagintayev instructed.

Also, as the Head of the Government noted, the Ministry of Energy together with Governor's Offices of regions should develop roadmaps in a month on creation of a system of modern utilization and recycling of solid wastes. Kanat Bozumbayev is responsible. 

Thirdly, the Prime-Minister gave a range of specific instructions on development of the agro-industrial complex of the country.

"The Ministr of Agriculture was intructed: together with interested state bodies and Governor's Offices of regions in one month untill March 1 to revise target indicators of the State program of the development of the AIC, to work out a complex of mesures to achieve them and to introduce to the Government precise proposals; together with the Ministry of Education and Science and Governor's Offices of regions to revise the role of the agrarian science and agrarian universities, the main task of which should be the trasfer and adaptation of modern knowledge and technologies; together with Governor's Offices of regions within a month to present conceptual approaches on development and support measures of agricultural cooperation", he assured.

Also, the Ministry of Agriculture should bring regulatory legal acts and technical documents on the production and use of biological plant protection products and other biological products in accordance with international norms in order to preserve the quality and environmental friendliness of the products. Umirzak Shukeyev is responsible for this block.

The fourth direction regards the increase of effectiveness of the transport and logistics infrastructure.

"The Ministry for Investments and Development, together with the Ministries of Information and Communications, Finance and JSC "KTZ" were instructed: to study and ensure the introduction and use of modern technologies, such as blockchain and analysis of big data (Big Data), for cargo monitoring in online mode and simplification of customs procedures; to improve the quality of local roads, to bring the total amount of budget funds allocated annually, in the medium term, up to 150 billion tenge; to ensure the phased introduction of the Intelligent Transport System", Bakytzhan Sagintayev said.

Minister Zhenis Kassymbek is responsible for it.

The fifth direction is the instroduction of modern technologies in the constrution and municipal sector.

"The Ministry for Investments and Development, taking into account the tasks set by the Head of State, to make concrete proposals in a month to bring the indicator of housing provision per resident by 2030 to 30 square meters. If necessary, make suggestions for adjusting the "Nurly zher" Program", the Prime-Minister added.

The Ministry for Investments and Development needs to ensure that necessary amendments and additions are made to normative legal acts in the field of construction in terms of the application of new construction methods, approaches to designing and planning urban development, the use of modern materials, higher quality requirements, environmental friendliness and energy efficiency of buildings and structures.

In turn, the Ministry of National Economy, together with regional Governor's Office, was instructed to develop an appropriate mechanism of PPP during the modernization of housing and communal infrastructure and intensify measures to implement it. Minister T. Suleimenov is responsible.

And the Ministry of Agriculture together with the Ministries for Investments and Development, National Economy and Governor's Offices of the regions were instructed to take measures to annually allocate not less than 100 billion tenge from all sources to provide rural settlements with quality drinking water.

Regarding to the sixth direction "reloading of the financial sector, the most part of issues regards the National Bank.

In this connection, Daniyar Akishev will introduce his proposals in the National Plan for the implementation of the Address being developed. Regarding to the introduction of the institution of bankruptcy of individuals, the Ministry of Finance is necessary until the end of April this year to submit relevant draft laws to the Government. Minister B. Sultanov, is responsible", B. Sagintayev said.

The Ministry of National Economy was instructed to ensure the further development of the stock market. The International Financial Center "Astana", in conjunction with the Ministries of Finance, National Economy and NWF "Samruk-Kazyna", to ensure the preparation of the AIFC site for IPO.

Regarding to the seventh direction "human capital is a base of modernization", a range of specific instructions were given in the sphere of education and healthcare, as well as in the social block.

"The Ministry of Education and Science, together with the Ministries of Labor, National Economy, Finance, Governor's Offices, was instructed to take measures: to increase by 30% of the official salary of teachers, who switched to the updated content, as of January 1, 2018; on the introduction in 2018 of a national qualification test for teachers, with the definition of a new scale of categories according to the level of qualifications; to increase teachers' salaries from 30 to 50%, depending on the confirmed qualification according to the new system", the Head of the Government said.

In this connection, together with interested state bodies and Governors, the Ministry of Education and Science should fulfill all the tasks outlined in the Address.

Prime-Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev also gave instructions on the transition of the alphabet to the Latin alphabet.

"The Head of State paid special attention to the issue of terminology in the Kazakh language. There is no need to translate existing international terms and complicate the Kazakh language. After the trasition to the Latin schedule, international terms should be used convenient and rational ways for our language", the Head of the Government said.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports should revise the ways of translating international terms with the approval of the society. Minister A. Muhamediuly is responsible.

"The Ministry of Health should develop and submit to the Government this year a new model of the guaranteed amount of free health care, setting clear boundaries for the obligations of the State, as well as a new edition of the Code on Healthcare of the People and the Healthcare System. The Ministries of Healthcare and Labor and Social Protection of Population with the aim to prepare the society for the implementation of the OSHI to conduct thorough preparatory work", the speaker instructed.

Regarding the social bloc, the Ministry of Labor together with the Ministry of Education and Science, state bodies were instructed to analyze the work on the development of modern professional standards and submit proposals to the Government in a month to develop or update professional standards.

"The Ministry of Labor also needs to speed up the passage in the Parliament of a draft law that provides for the introduction of a single electronic exchange. Until April 1, 2018, the draft law should be adopted. Since July 1 of this year, the system for assigning a basic pension is changing. All bodies of social protection should provide maximum assistance to our citizens in the legalization of their labor activities", Bakytzhan Sagintayev said.

Regarding to the eighth direction "efficient state governance", the Head of State gave a range of instructions to the Ministry of National Economy.

"The Ministries of National Economy, Finance, together with interested state bodies, national holding companies and Governor's Offices of regions, to ensure the implementation of the privatization plan, expanding it by reducing the number of subordinate organizations of state bodies, taking into account the principles of" Yellow Pages. "

To conduct the work on the consolidation of remaining subordinate organizations to reduce addministrative costs. Responsibility is assigned to Minister T. Suleimenov", B. Sagintayev emphasized.

The Ministry of Information and Communications, together with the Ministry of National Economy, should take measures to optimize business processes and ensure their automation by the end of this year, and in conjunction with state bodies, should intensify the work on the integration of information systems to transition to the demand for state services on the principle of one statement that will avoid repeated treatment of citizens.

The issue of tourism development also should be dealth with.

"In order to develop inbound and outbound tourism, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, together with the interested state bodies and Governors of the regions, within a month in accordance with the established procedure, should ensure the adoption of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Concept for the Development of the Tourist Industry until 2023. Responsible is assigned to Minister A. Mukhamediuly", Bakytzhan Sagintayev said.

The ninth task is "fight against corruption and the Rule of Law". All state bodies should continue to work to combat corruption.

"The Ministry of Information and Communications should finalize the available information systems in order to ensure access of citizens to the process of consideration of their appeals. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, in conjunction with interested state bodies, should take additional measures to introduce intelligent systems of video surveillance and recognition on the streets and places of mass stay of citizens, control traffic. The Ministry of Justice, in agreement with the Prosecutor General's Office and the Supreme Court, should make appropriate proposals to strengthen the guarantees of the constitutional rights of citizens, ensure the rule of law", Sagintayev addressed the Heads of the above-mentioned Ministries.

Regarding to the tenth task "Smart cities" for "Smart nation", all Governor's Offices were instructed to continue to work on complex introduction of technologies of "Smart cities" based on a model concept and the development of concepts of the people moving ot the city.

In conclusion, Prime-Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev instructed the Ministry of National Economy, in accordance with the procedure established by legislation, to submit the coordinated draft resolution of the year of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Draft Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan" On Approval of the National Plan for the Implementation of the Address of the Head of State to the People Kazakhstan "New Possibilities of Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution".

Akbota Kuzekbay