Address 2018: 10 main tasks

Development of human capital will be base of modernization - opinion

In the Address of the President of Kazakhstan, the emphasis is on the development of human capital, which is considered as a basis for modernization, this approach meets modern challenges. This opinion was expressed by leading expert of the Institute of World Economy and Politics (IWEP) under the Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan, Ayman Zhusupova.
Astana city 11 January, 17:25

"Today, in the age of post-industrial development, innovation economy, knowledge economy, the competitive advantage of any State is a highly qualified specialist, a professional, President's approach meets modern challenges", said Ayman Zhusupova.

She noted that President's Address emphasizes that the key priority of educational programs should be the development of the ability to constantly adapt to changes and assimilation of new knowledge. This factor is due to the fact that modern society is characterized by rapid changes. Innovation and speed are the main determinants of competitiveness in the modern world.

The expert of the IWEP emphasizes that the ability to change along with changes in the world are today the most significant if we do not want to remain on the "backyard of life". Specialists from the business sector, such global corporations as BP also note that today only one level of professional competence is not determining the competitiveness of a specialist in the labor market, as changes occur every day.

"Speech, in particular, is about that in the next decade new technologies will affect the fact that many professions will be disappear, the demand for new specialties will increase. In particular, for Big Data experts, the introduction of large data technologies that affect information technology in manufacturing, healthcare, commerce, public administration", she says.

Taking into account this factor, the Address also stresses the need to create its own advanced educational system covering citizens of all ages.

"An important and thoughtful way, in my opinion, is also the decision to create a network of children's technology parks and business incubators with all the necessary infrastructure, including computers, laboratories, 3D printers, in all regions on the basis of palaces of schoolchildren", Ayman Zhusupova said.

In her opinion, this will help to successfully integrate the younger generation in the research and industrial and technological environment, implement the task of training specialists in the newest and most demanded professions, which is extremely necessary from the point of view of development in a changing world.

Thus, in conclusion, the expert added that in the Address 2018, the idea of using the premises of post-industrial, high-quality sectors is a red thread. This is difficult, but this is the future, only this is the opportunity to enter the list of developed countries. This also underscores the call of the President to treat education as a separate branch of the economy with his investment projects and export potential.