Address 2018: 10 main tasks

Young people need to prepare for new technological order - expert about Address

The world is entering the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and, therefore, it is necessary to prepare young people for a new technological order, Deputy of the Senate of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nariman Turegaliyev, said while commenting on the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Astana city 11 January, 15:46

He noted that the President in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan of January 10, 2018, "New Possibilities of Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" paid special attention to the development of the social sphere, including pre-school, secondary and higher education.

"As the Head of State noted, the key priority of educational programs should be the development of the ability to constantly adapt to changes and assimilation of new knowledge. This is especially true in connection with the fact that the world today is entering the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, modern technologies are being introduced and applied in all spheres of life, and the sphere of education should not be an exception", the Deputy said.

The Senator believes that it is necessary to prepare young people for a new technological order.

"To this end, in 2019, single standards of programs for the early development of children will be introduced, developing social skills and self-study skills; in 2021 the transition to an updated content in secondary education will be completed; approaches to the training and development of teachers will be reviewed; at all universities of the country, pedagogical departments and faculties will develop; the quality of teaching of mathematical and natural sciences at all levels of education will increase; per capita financing is being introduced in urban schools, training programs in technical and vocational education will be updated, taking into account international requirements and digital skills", Nariman Turegaliyev explained.

He said that in all regions a network of children's technoparks and business incubators with all necessary infrastructure will be created on the basis of palaces of schoolchildren, including computers, laboratories, 3D printers; the work on the development of digital educational resources, connecting to broadband Internet and equiping schools with video equipment will continue.

"Therefore, in order not to lag behind others in an intensively developing world, to be prepared for global changes and challenges, to become one of the 30 most developed countries in the world, it is necessary that every citizen of the country feels his involvement in the full implementation of tasks and proposals, which the Head of State defined before us in the Address", the expert concluded.


Photos by the Press Service of the Senate of Parliament of Kazakhstan