Address 2018: 10 main tasks

President's Address demonstrates consistency in politics - Aitimova

An annual Address of the President of the State once again demonstrated the consistency in the policy of the further sustainable development of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Committee on social-cultural development and science of the Senate of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Byrgabym Aitimova said, while commentating the Address of the Head of State "New Possibilities of Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution".
Astana city 11 January, 15:17

The tasks set for the Government and Parliament should ensure a steady pace of entry into the list of thirty most developed countries in the world.

"Repeatedly, the Head of State continues to support the working population, as well as the vulnerable segments of the population. Real support for the teaching of the country is an indicator of caring for an intelligent and educated generation of the fatherland for many decades to come", Birganym Aitimova said.

In her opinion, moral and material support of teachers is not only an increase in the official salary of teachers to enhance the prestige of the profession of a teacher, but above all an incentive to improve pedagogical skills, self-improvement and constant knowledge of advanced teaching methods.

"The entire social block, indicated in the Address, will bring confidence of the population in the permanent care of President Nursultan Nazarbayev about his people", the Deputy added.