Address 2018: 10 main tasks

Issues of protecting information and training of specialists become key - Expert

The central line of the new Address is the total digitalization of the economy, which will permeate almost all spheres of social development, Director of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan, Zarema Shaukenova, said commenting on the Address of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan.
Astana city 11 January, 11:47

According to Zarema Shaukenova, special attention is paid to the introduction of new technologies and digitalization in the field of industry. In particular, she believes, this is a pilot project for the digitization of Kazakhstani industrial enterprises.

"Against the background of the degree and the way the society enters the digital age, the importance of ensuring issues of cybersecurity increases. From the experience of spreading the virus programs "Wanna Cry", "BadRabbit", one can say that no one is immune from them. At the same time, they bring big losses to companies and banks. And young specialists in the field of information security and cryptography identify them. In this regard, issues of information protection and training of relevant specialists are becoming key", Zarema Shaukenova stressed.

The expert recalled that in the Address the Head of State emphasized that measures in the field of cyber security should be reflected at the level of the National Security Strategy of Kazakhstan.

"Today, we continue to be a consumer of digital technologies and products of foreign countries. At the same time, Kazakhstan has its own solid historical base of mathematical, engineering research, computer science. All this can and should be transformed into a new quality. If you look at it, our youth demonstrates the highest aerobatics of ingenuity", Z. Shaukenova noted.

According to the expert, Kazakhstan needs to find talents at the very early stages, starting from pre-school institutions and secondary schools.