Address 2018: 10 main tasks

All tasks of Address work for development prospect of State - Deputy

With the aim to explain the main provisions of the Address of President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan "New possibilities of development in the conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution", Deputy of the Senate of Parliament, Serik Bekturganov, visited the establishments of social sphere of the Denisovsky district, Kostanay region and met with voters, the press-service of the Senate informed.
Kostanay11 January , 14:31

Within the framework of the meeting, the Deputy described in detail the mechanism for the implementation of the 10 priorities outlined by the Head of State, clarified certain provisions of the Address, and also answered a number of questions. Serik Bekturganov stressed that "all the tasks of the Address of the Head of State work for the development of the State".

Speaking about the development of human capital, which, according to the Head of State, is the basis for modernization, the Senator focused on the creation of an advanced education system. Residents of the region supported the initiatives of the President, set out in the Address.