Address 2018: 10 main tasks

Political scientist proposed to organize national discussion on Address

The Address of the President can be discussed at the national discussion together with all layers of the population, with joint efforts, Kazakhstanis could form common goals of this work, polotical scientists Yerlan Sirov said regarding new tasks, voiced by the Head of State in the Address to the people.
Astana city 10 January, 17:49

He noted that the Address of the President of the country is the main document, a guide to action in the medium term.

"For me it is a landmark that the stress is placed on the development of human capital. This is the right step, since human capital is the main condition and foundation of economic growth, social development of the State. I want to draw the attention of our colleagues to the following circumstance. There are generally accepted world indices of development. For example, today the welfare of any country is calculated to be the growth of country's gross domestic product. There are some costs and contradictions here", Y. Sairov said.

He explained that if in Kazakhstan in 2016 the GDP growth was 2%, then these 2% should be felt by all households, including specific people of the country. Otherwise, citizens begin to feel inequality, the trust in statistical data will be devalued, which leads to costs at the state level and promotes a change in the system of behavior in society.

According to him, in general in the world and in Kazakhstan, too, there is a significant difference between the statistical data of the State and the living standards of citizens. This is understandable, every citizen in his own way, according to his abilities and capabilities, brings benefits to the general basket of well-being of society and the State.

"The State should regulate the incomes of citizens in such a way that people feel the fairness of the distribution of these public goods. In the order of discussion, one function could be defined - state regulation of public goods. This is one of the main aspects, on which it is worth discussing. We must be able to leave the zone of a standard and traditional way of thinking. In my opinion, we must take into account intangible public goods that do not lend themselves to "calculation", but are one of the main factors of the well-being of society and citizens. Maybe we should work on developing our own, Kazakhstani model of well-being index of the State, society and citizens?", Y. Sairov suggested.

The public figure drew attention to the need to analyze the development of all countries.

"We in our work should look not only at the so-called "developed West", it is necessary to analyze the social measurement of the development of other countries. For example, there is such a country Bhutan. Since 2008, Bhutan has calculated the well-being of the country with such an index as the "Index of National Happiness". I would suggest on this issue to organize a national discussion together with all sections of the population, with the expert community, scientists. We have an active, intellectually developed civil society", the expert said.

He added that by joint efforts, Kazakhstanis could formulate the overall goals of this work and offer the Government a vision of civil society on their own model of the welfare and well-being of the country.

"The Address included the matter of raising salaries for teachers. I wrote a lot about this, I raised this question myself, I think this is an important aspect of the speech of the Head of State. In our country there are more than 800 000 thousand teachers. A lot depends on their living standards and morale. Their titanic work began to be evaluated properly. I think now we need to work on their social status. This should already be the joint work of civil society and the State", he concluded.