Address 2018: 10 main tasks

M.Zholdasbayev: Address is doctrine of new concept of Kazakhstan's further development

An annual Address of National Leader - President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarabyev in it essence changed the content base of our statehood, and according to the content it is a doctrine of a new concept of further development of Kazakhstan, Deputy of the Senate of Parliament Muratbay Zholdasbayev said when commentating the Address of the President of Kazakhstan.
Astana city 10 January, 16:42

He noted that the Address of the Head of the State "New Development Possibilities in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" of January 10, we all waited with special interest and especial enthusiasm, because we realized that against the backdrop of the growing threat of another global economic crisis, it is necessary "... to meet the new time, we have to unite in a single nation - a nation standing on the threshold of historical ascent in the conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution".

"The President was able to respond in a fully manner to the main question that worried the people of Kazakhstan, noting that:" ... The Address determines what we have to do for successful navigation and adaptation in the new world - the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution", the Senator said.

In his opinion, the main conclusion of the Address of the President is the following: despite the very complicated social and economic situation, country's main priorities are unshakable, the strategic orientations of the state remain the same.

He also noted that in this important state document, the internal and external situation of the country was analyzed in detail, priority accents were set toward development, international and intergovernmental relations were assessed, all pressing issues and challenges found their solutions.

"It is obvious that the main essence of the Address is the consolidation of the efforts of all citizens of Kazakhstan. The President appealed to his compatriots to be united in thoughts and actions in order to overcome all challenges and enter a new round of qualitative development of the economy, society and the State as a whole. We need to direct all our efforts, all our resources to implement the tasks set by the Head of State", the Deputy summed up.