Kazakhstan to continue to consolidate efforts of countries on elimination world from nuclear weapons

The role of our country in an international arean was voiced by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the ceremony of presenting credentials by the Ambassadors of foreign countries in the Akorda.
Astana city 10 January, 13:37

"It has become traditional that Kazakhstan takes a proactive position in the international arena. This allows us to make a special contribution to solving the most pressing, global and regional problems, promoting issues of strengthening stability and security, and the dialogue of civilization. This way it was in 2017", N. Nazarbayev noted.

The Head of State reminded that our country was the first country in the CIS to host the international exhibition EXPO-2017 on the theme "Future Energy".

"Our country remains at the forefront of global work to strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation regime. August 29, 2017 on the International Day Against Nuclear Tests in Astana, the opening ceremony of the building of the first history of the Bank of Low Enriched Uranium took place. The launch of the Astana process as a new mechanism for an inter-Syrian settlement has become one of the most important political events of the past year", the Head of State added.

On January 2018, Kazakhstan began historical work as the Chairman of the UN Security Council. Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that Kazakhstan is actively working on the entire agenda of this important UN body.

"Based on the primary importance of maintaining the strengthening of global peace and security. On January 18, I plan to take part in the UN Security Council thematic briefing on "WMD Nonproliferation: Confidence Building Measures". This topic for the meeting was not chosen by chance. We intend to continue consolidating the efforts of the world community to eliminate the planet from nuclear weapons", N. Nazarbayev said.

We note that today the President of Kazakhstan was presented with credentials from the Ambassadors of the four foreign countries - Sweden, India, Cuba and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland in the Akorda.


Akbota Kuzekbay

Photo by Baurzhan Zhuasbayev