Address 2018: 10 main tasks

President of Kazakhstan instructed to determine schedule for introduction of Latin alphabet at all levels of education

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed to determine a clear schedule for the transition to the Latin alphabet before 2025 at all levels of education in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan.
Astana city 10 January, 16:14

"The future of Kazakhstan people is for free possession of Kazakh, Russian and English languages. A new methodology for studying the Kazakh language for schools with Russian as the language of instruction has been developed and is being implemented. If we want the Kazakh language to live in the centuries, it is necessary to modernize it, without excessive terms", the President said.

The Head of State drew attention to the fact that over the past years 7 thousand well-established and generally accepted terms in the world were translated into the Kazakh language.

"Such "innovations" sometimes can become ridiculous. For example, "Galamtor" ("Internet"), "Koltyrauyn" ("crocodile"), "kui sandyk" ("piano") and this is only the beginning. It is necessary to revise the approaches to the validity of such translations and to bring our language to the international level terminologically. The transition to the Latin alphabet helps to resolve this issue. It should be determined a clear schedule for the transition to the Latin alphabet before 2025 at all levels of education", the Head of State underlined in the Address.

At the same time, starting in 2019, the transition to teaching in the English language of certain natural science disciplines in the 10th and 11th grades will be started.

"As a result, all our graduates will master three languages at the level necessary for life and work in the country and in the global world", N. Nazarbayev noted.

In general, according to the President, the key priority of educational programs should be the development of the ability to constantly adapt to changes and assimilation of new knowledge.

"In pre-school education by September 1, 2019, it is necessary to introduce common standards for programs for the early development of children, developing social skills and self-study skills. In secondary education, the transition to an updated content has begun, which will be completed by 2021. These are absolutely new programs, textbooks, standards and personnel", the Head of State added.

N. Nazarbayev spoke about the need to strengthen the quality of teaching mathematical and natural sciences at all levels of education.

The Address also noted that in order to increase competition between educational institutions and attract private capital, per capita financing in urban schools will be introduced.

"Taking into account that the burden on students is the highest among the CIS countries and on average by more than a third higher than in the OECD countries, it is necessary to reduce it. In all regions, based on the palaces of schoolchildren, it is necessary to create a network of children's technoparks and business incubators with all the necessary infrastructure, including computers, laboratories, 3D printers. This will help successfully integrate the younger generation into the research and industrial and technological environment", Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

In addition, the President instructed to continue the implementation of the project "Free Vocational Education for Everyone".

We note, on January 10, the Address of the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan was published. In the Address, the President described the ten main tasks that Kazakhstan needs to implement in 2018.

Akbota Kuzekbay