Cultural Modernization

Libraries of Astana to be launched in interactive format in 2018

Rebranding is conducted to popularize the reading and propaganda of family values.
Nur-Sultan 28 December, 18:43

A lot of interesting activities are prepared for book lovers. One of them will be the "Live book" project. It implies regular meetings of library readers with famous people. As a rule, these are guests who, by their example, can motivate the younger generation, according to the website of the capital Mayor's Office.

Another new project will be "Bala men kitap". Famous people in Kazakhstan will come to libraries, who will read several chapters from the book to children. According to the idea of the organizers, parents for a month continue reading at home. After a month, library staff arrange a quiz on the book. The distinguished are awarded memorable prizes. The project has several goals - involving children in reading, developing libraries, promoting family values.

Also from the beginning of 2018, a series of meetings will be held within the framework of the project "Family of Literary Critics" with wives, children, grandchildren of famous writers.

It is worth noting that since November 2017 the project "Read with pleasure" has started. Public bookcase is installed in the city polyclinic number 7. Visitors and employees can take the book home, and in return to bring another, already read. It is planned to install such cabinets in other institutions.

Earlier it was reported that the Mayor's Office of Astana together with the Bilim Media Group "Bilim Land" since 2017 has been implementing the project "Reading Astana", in which in all PSCs and 27 bus stops an interactive banner with QR code is installed. This allows you to download through the available on your hands gadgets books. In total, more than 10 thousand electronic masterpieces of Kazakh and world literature in three languages are represented in the library fund.