SPIID: KZT 25 bn to be spent on reconstruction of Zhetybay - Zhanaozen road

The length of the automobile road of the republican value Zhetybay - Zhanaozen is 73 km. The funds are allocated by the Asian Development Bank. The cost of the project is 25 billion tenge. 600 workplaces will be created during the reconstruction of the road.
Mangystau 07 December, 14:56

"Now, continuing the work, we are starting the reconstruction of another road Zhetybay - Zhanaozen. And this is not just a question of construction but, first of all, the safety of people. Now between Aktau and the village of Zhetybay, between Zhetybay and Shetpe the number of accidents has significantly decreased. Because the quality of the road construction is directly related to ensuring the safety of movement. Also, new, high-quality roads will contribute to the development of small and medium-sized businesses. I would also like to note that the construction of the road provided work for 600 people in the region", Governor Yeraly Tugzhanov said.

He also noted that the construction of new roads in the region contributes to the implementation of a large project - the construction of the highway "Western Europe - Western China". The project's customer is the Committee of Roads of the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan.