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Results of Industrialization Day: Sectors emphasized by Nursultan Nazarbayev (REVIEW)

25 industrials establishments were connected online. More than seven thousand employees observed the launch of projects. Read the review of the correspondent of IA, to know more about new industrial and innovative, infrastructure, energy, agro-industrial establishments opened, the sectors which President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev emphasized and what kind of instructions were given during the nationwide teleconference in the framework of the Industrialization Day.
Astana city06 December , 18:42

The teleconference finished its work successfully. Tele-broadcasting was provided by 25 mobile TV stations, the “KazSat” satellite and national communication operators.

Under the “Industrialization establishments of 2017” block, more than 10 enterprises were launched.

The first among all 25 launched establishments was opened the gold recovery plant “Kazakhaltyn Technology” in Aksu village.

According to the information of “Kazakhaltyn Technology”, in the beginning, the plant plans to produce 4 tons of gold and 2 tons of silver.

"This is a very necessary project. Kazakhstan is rich in mineral resources. Among them, the basis of our currency is gold mines. In Kazakhstan, there are over one hundred ore deposits. All of them, if only will be mastered by our domestic enterprises, the potential of our country is still being realized. Production 4 tons of gold is a large amount”, the Head of State said, listening attentively to all the speakers from the regions.

Further, by turns, a plant for the production of oil and gas equipment and pipes "Kazakhstan Oil Equipment Plant", in Aktobe region and the production of metal using methods robotic welding "Zhigermunaiservis" LLP in Atyrau region were opened.

The agro-industrial sector among the manufacturing industry also did not stand aside on this day. After all, the President himself notes that the agrarian sphere should become the main force of the domestic economy.

New dairy factories “Maslodel” LLP, “Vostok-Moloko” LLP with high-tech equipment and poultry factory “Zhaiyk Agro” LLP were launched.

The dairy factory with installation of high-tech equipment Tetra Pak “Maslodel” LLP in North Kazakhstan region focuses on the reduction of costs and is ready to find its share in the development market of the Eurasian Economic Union.

In turn, “Vostok-Moloko” LLP will operate on the basis of high-tech equipment for processing in East Kazakhstan region. Now it is planned to export 70 kinds of dairy products.

Also, in West Kazakhstan region, a poultry farm “Zhaiyk Agro” LLP was opened.

 "There are no people in the world who do not eat. The number of people is growing and the need of the population is growing every year. Therefore, we cannot expand without recycling our products. We and our agrarian opportunities are our future incentive and our prospect. Through the agricultural complex, we will develop very much if we start recycling, as the whole world does", the Head of State stressed.

N. Nazarbayev further launched a plant for the extraction, processing of granite, marble and gypsum using the latest technology of explosive block production in Zhambyl region.

 "New technologies increase labor productivity. 60% of our productions are delivered to the CIS and Russia. We intend to increase the export potential", director of “Orgstroi” LLP Kali Gylymkhan said.

In turn, President Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that this facility is important in Kazakhstan. After all, according to the President, all the buildings in Astana, Almaty and other cities are covered with fine granite from Zhambyl region.

In Almaty region, "Psi Stroy Industriya" LLP, a plant for the production of metal structures was launched, the Korinskaya HPP launched an alternative energy project.

In Karaganda region, the recycling plant "Recycling Company" LLP was launched, which will handle the recycling and processing of cars with a capacity of up to 50 thousand units a year

The “Infrastructure projects” block.

2017 is important in the transport and logistics system of Kazakhstan.

In order to develop the transit potential of Kazakhstan and implement the project on creating a logistics hub on the Eurasian continent, the Head of State launched the first stage of the automobile ferry terminal of the Kuryk port in Mangistau region.

The "Kuryk port is a key link of the trans-Caspian transport corridor. In 2017, we provided over 1 trillion 200 thousand goods. Today we are launching new routes to Turkey and the countries of Europe", the employees told the President.

Earlier, it was noted that flows from the dry port "Khorgos - Eastern Gate" would be included through the Aktau seaport and the Kuryk ferry crossing into the new Baku-Tbilisi-Akhalkalaki-Kars railway being built, which go to Turkey and further to the Balkan countries and southern Europe.

"Let’s take the dry port of “Khorgos". This idea was implemented by me and former Chairman of the People's Republic of China Mr. Hu Jintao. The airport in Astana serves 5.8 million people per year. The port Kuryk is an implemented novelty of our country. Can you imagine, we opened a ferry crossing, now a car ferry this year and the port of Kuryk are fully prepared for the opening of the route from Kuryk-Baku-Georgia -Turkey through the Bosporus to Europe. Now we can say that Kazakhstan is not a land country, it has access to all the seas, including the Persian Gulf, etc", Nursultan Nazarbayev explained.

In the course of the nationwide teleconference, at the same time, there was the launch of an aviation and technical center, JSC "Air Astana". Now "Air Astana" carries out more than 25 routes around the world. At the same time, the international airport in Astana serves 5.8 million passengers a year.

The “Aktau-Shetpe” section of the “Aktau-Beyneu” road project (roads) - Mangistau region was also launched.

This is the shortest road that connects Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Let us note that the volume of cargo turnover per year reaches 3 million tons.

At the same time with these projects, “Continental Logistics Shymkent” LLP also launched a transport and logistics center in Shymkent, the freight turnover of which accounts to 1 million tons.

Within the state program “Nurly zhol”, each project involves a hard work. It was said by the President of the country.

"About roads - this is a separate conversation, what we have done over these years is a colossal, never done work throughout Kazakhstan. In the framework of "Nurly zhol" we have already built 4,5 thousand kilometers,  4,5 thousand kilometers will be done in the next years. We completely change the transport service of Kazakhstan and the infrastructure. You are the ones who carry out this great task. Therefore, I congratulate you that you are doing a great job", N. Nazarbayev emphasized.

As for the gas supply, in Aktobe region, the gas drying unit at the “Bozoy” UGS "Intergas Central Asia" was launched.

With the use of this project, the volume of gas transit to Russia and China is increasing. An investment in the amount of 11 billion tenge was made.

"We have our own gas. We will be a major country that will export gas to others", the Head of State added.

The “New investment strategy” block

It is well known, that in order to improve the investment climate within the implementation of the order of the President of Kazakhstan, the National investment strategy for 2018-2020 was developed. It was approved in August of the present year.

Projects involving foreign capital take part in Pavlodar, Shymkent and Atyrau regions. It is these regions that launched their projects on the Teleconference.

Thus, today the production of alloyed aluminum and the production of aluminum car disks - (Pavlodar) “Giessenhaus” LLP + KIK Group of Companies has also been launched, as well as the production of butt-welding pipes - (SEZ “Aktau Seaport”, Mangistau region) of Arcelor Mittal Tubular Products Aktau.

"It is important for Kazakhstan, which possesses enormous resources of non-ferrous, black, rare metals, not only to extract, but also to process and make products from them. I always said and insisted that we produced aluminum. We already produce 250 thousand tons, another 250 thousand are put into production. The products are made from aluminum. This is the beginning that the alloy will be used for automobile wheels, disks. This is just the beginning. We should think how to further develop aluminum production", the President of the Republic said, referring to the project of Pavlodar region.

JSC “Chimpharm” launched a new workshop of solid molds for medicines in Shymkent.

Today, the President has twice said that personally overlooks the pharmaceutical situation in the country.

"I personally look over pharmaceuticals. If you remember, 10 years ago I said that Kazakhstan imports 90% of medicines. I set the task to at least produce 50%. "Chimpharm" leads in this area, I once again want to say that our Ministry of Healthcare, the Government have done everything to ensure that our high-quality medicines enter on the market of our country", N. Nazarbayev said.

LLP "Corporation "DANAKE" launched the construction of a plant for the production of cement in Kyzylorda region, LLP "KPI" – the construction of petrochemical production (Atyrau region

The Industry 4.0. block

In Kostanay region, the "a project of "smart quarry" project in the Kachar mine of the Eurasian Group, ERG, was opened.

The mine employees noted that this system - "smart quarry" will be provided in all projects of the Eurasian group.

The "Kazzinc" corporation launched the Pitram system at the Maleyevsky mine in East Kazakhstan region. The company "Altynalmas" has opened an integration platform in Zhambyl region.

It should be noted that the President primarily focuses on digitalization. Also during the teleconference the President repeatedly noted that it is necessary for everyone from the authority to the younger generation to understand the essence of digitalization.

"You know that on my instructions the Government has completed the development of the program "Digital Kazakhstan". We should not lag behind, we should not only talk about it, but specifically work. I instruct you to observe over it again, I will observe it myself. Other plants will use you as an example. (the President of Kazakhstan refers to these plants - IA). You must bring it to the end", the President of Kazakhstan said.

According to N. Nazarbayev, more than 2 trillion tenge, that is 30% of the growth of the economy will be the models of Digital Kazakhstan.

"This is a very important, new industry. Therefore, Digital Kazakhstan is our future. First you need to understand the meaning. I thank miners, metallurgists, who are involved in all this. This is a step forward, it is a reduction of costs, increased productivity, labor, high product quality. The most important thing is the opportunity to enter the top 30 of the world's best countries. I wish you success and will begin to work", Nursultan Nazarbayev thanked.

After the speech of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Autonomous Cluster Fund "Park of Innovative Technologies" on the project "Digital laboratory" in Almaty and the Laboratory of Robotics, which is located in Astana, at the Nazarbayev University, also opened online.

Further, during half an hour the President once again appealed not only to those who participated in the teleconference, but to the entire population of Kazakhstan.

The Head of State once again stressed the role of the manufacturing industry in the economy of Kazakhstan, investors and digitalization.

"We annually sum up the results of the industrialization of our country on a traditional basis. We started this work in 2010 and with the end of this year we will have been already working for 7 years. Summing up the seven years before the Day of Our Independence - a great holiday is of great strategic importance. We report to the people what we could do by carrying out this program, which was approved", the President of Kazakhstan said in the speech.

Continuing the theme of digitalization, the Head of State noted that it is important to maximally and effectively conduct the forthcoming forum of the EAEU on digitalization.

"I specifically appointed Deputy Premier Askar Zhumagaliyev, his responsibility is to regularly report me which company, enterprise has started digitization and what it has done. And all this is printed every day in the national newspapers, and the news programs of our television should begin with them. All should participate (in digitalization - IA). To hold the forum, why - we should explain the people in a simple, understandable language. What is digitalization and what does it involve, so that they could understand", Nursultan Nazarbayev noted.

As the Head of State noted, today in general more than 180 projects in the construction industry have been implemented.

"And now, the construction site, which is the whole of Kazakhstan, we provide ourselves and gave jobs to our resident”, N. Nazarbayev said.

Owing to industrialization, the share of the processing sector increased from 30 to 41 per cent. According to the estimate of the Head of State, it is a good achievement, but we do not need to stop on the achieved results, we should implement more quality and competitive projects, which will represent our country at the world level.


Akbota Kuzekbay