50 electric stations to be installed in Astana

A preliminary list of locations for the installation of electric stations in the cities of Astana, Almaty and along the "Astana-Shchuchinsk" highway was prepared, Mayor’s Office of the capital reported.
Astana city15 November , 09:08

Within the framework of a pilot project for the creation of the infrastructure of electric stations in the cities of Astana, Almaty and along the "Astana-Shchuchinsk" highway, a list of potential locations where charging stations will be installed has been prepared. 50 ES in the capital will be located on the site of major government agencies, sports complexes, parking lots for shopping and entertainment centers and residential complexes. It is expected that most of the charging stations in Astana will be installed in open areas, and it is also possible to charge an electric vehicle in covered premises. The provisional list has already been approved by Mayor’s Office of Astana. It includes the Palace of Peace and Accord, the Central Concert Hall "Kazakhstan", the multifunctional ice palace "Barys Arena", "Mega Silk Way".

The preliminary list of ES points in Almaty included the Young Spectators Theater named after Gabit Musrepov, parking places at the following addresses: Ayteke-bi Street, Panfilov Street, Abay 52 Avenue, Satpayev 90 Street. The list of locations for the placement of 50 filling stations in Almaty is under consideration of Mayor’s Office of Almaty.

On the "Astana-Shchuchinsk" highway, it is planned to install 9 charging stations at the following addresses:

Shortandy village on the right and left sides of the highway - 2 ES,

Akkol village right/left sides - 2 ES,

Makinka village right/left sides - 2 ES,

Shchuchinsk town gas station and in the central part of the city - 3 ES.

The pilot project to create the infrastructure of the electric stations was agreed by the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan. Within the framework of this project, 50 stations will be installed in the cities of Astana and Almaty and 9 stations on the Astana-Shchuchinsk highway, 109 electric stations will be installed totally. Currently there are 4 electric stations in Astana and Almaty.

To date, about 150 electric vehicles are in operation in Kazakhstan. The implementation of the pilot project will start the development of the infrastructure for electric vehicles and increase the use of electric vehicles by the population and organizations.