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How will SAP help banks of Kazakhstan in finding new ways of profit (REVIEW)

The SAP company, the leader in the corporate applications market, held a meeting of the largest banks of Kazakhstan and leading CIS banks - SAPBankingClub, dedicated to industry innovations. The Heads of SAP and PJSC "Sberbank" told in an interview with IA "" about how SAP solutions help banks get maximum benefits from digitalization - better understand customers, offer the most demanded services and products and improve the efficiency of internal processes.
Astana city13 November , 19:46

Participants of the meeting, about 30 representatives of the banking industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, discussed in what degree the banking industry of the country is ready for the use of breakthrough technologies.

As part of the event, SAP experts talked about the importance of introducing innovative digital technologies that radically change the approach to the banking business. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of things, blockchain, predictive analytics will become a necessity in conditions of severe competition between financial institutions and in the struggle for clients. For example, already now Machine Learning in Sberbank has increased sales efficiency and increased customer loyalty through the successful analysis of customer transactions, in which a relevant product is offered for each individually. It is possible to simulate the probability of default for small businesses in real time. Such innovative solutions from SAP are the basis for business development in the digital world.

"According to the survey of Sberbank, 68% of modern youth believe that in 5 years the way of using money will be absolutely different, and 70% believe that the methods of payment will radically change, 33% hold the opinion that banks will not be needed at all", expert on business development at SAP Hybris Andrey Birzov said.

The revenue from digital sales is steadily growing all over the world and even a minute of downtime can change reaction of the client. Solution SAP Hybris allows you to see the dynamic profile of the client at 360-degrees and understand its intentions in real time. A personalized approach with ready-made instant offers, the effectiveness of communications allow both to increase loyalty of the client and increase the demand for services.

Of particular interest was the report of Anton Tomich, a SAP Vice-President and Head of Business Development, about joint developments of SAP with Google and Apple. For example, "Mixed Reality Glasses" allow to show all available options to the client in an online mode and immediately, in a few minutes, calculate interest rates for mortgages for them. And chat bots, developed on the basis of SAP solutions and company partners, help banks organize a customer-friendly self-service.

"The state strategy of digitalization of the economy determines the development of the banking sector in Kazakhstan, setting the course for a large-scale application of innovations. The world practice shows that the industry leaders in different countries have common features: mobility, flexibility, understanding of interests of clients and the ability to be with the client everywhere and always when it is needed. And for many of them, the basis for this success is SAP solutions. Our experience is open and accessible to the banks of Kazakhstan, and projects with industry leaders confirm that they made the right choice", Managing Director of SAP Kazakhstan Maxim Lamskov said.

We note, SAP is one of the world leaders in the market of corporate applications. SAP helps organizations of all sizes and specializations manage their business more efficiently. Whether it is ancillary services or a board of directors, a warehouse or a store, desktop or mobile applications, SAP solutions can improve the interaction of individual employees and organizations in general, create a deep understanding of the business and create a competitive advantage. SAP solutions and services are used by more than 335 000 customers (including SuccessFactors customers), advanced technologies of the company guarantee high profitability, promote continuous adaptation and sustainable growth.

In Kazakhstan, 165 companies of the oil and gas, financial, transport, public sector are clients of SAP. The partner network of SAP is successfully developing and includes more than 20 companies and 700 professional consultants. SAP actively participates in the development of national IT-staff in Kazakhstan, cooperating with the leading universities of the country within the framework of the global program "University Alliance". SAP has been working in Kazakhstan since 1997, and in 2014 the SAP office in Astana was opened.


Kairat Zhandybayev