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How to become a member of Public Council of RK

The procedure for joining the Public Council is transparent and is based on the recommendations of the candidate. Member of the Public Council of East Kazakhstan region, Deputy of the regional Maslikhat, as well as Chairman of the PF “Civil Alliance of East Kazakhstan Region” Oleg Chernyshov announced this during a press-conference in the Central Communications Service.
Astana city13 November , 18:43

According to the speaker, working groups are being created, where applications from citizens of Kazakhstan are submitted. Recommendations are provided by non-governmental organizations, funds. There are also recommendations from workplaces.

In case with a Deputy, then the recommendations can be from his voters or from any public association.

"It does not happen that any person comes and becomes a member of the Public Council. All statements with recommendations will be carefully considered by the working groups, and then a decision will be made", Oleg Chernyshov said.

According to him, the candidate should be a leader, participate in public councils and promote the interests of citizens of Kazakhstan and target groups.

As the Deputy of the regional maslikhat noted, any Kazakhstani citizen having his own civil position can also become a member of the working expert group. He also has the right to propose concrete decisions to the Public Council and as a consequence, the initiative will be transferred to maslikhats and executive bodies.

"I think that it is wrong to focus on the Public Council itself. Now the rotation will take place and I will no longer be considered a member of the Public Council. But, I was a public leader, so I'll stay with them. I will work in the working expert group. After all, the main thing is for you to take part in the process, in order to engage them", the speaker emphasizes.

It should be noted that the Law "On Public Councils" stipulates that one third of the Council is the authorities and two thirds are citizens. In this context, you need to consider what is meant by one-third, that is, their number may be less.

"A public council of any district, region can make its own decisions. There may be one-fifth of authority, and the rest – public figures. Maybe the public voice will be more significant when taking decisions", the speaker concluded.