N.Nazarbayev spoke about growth of military spending in the world

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan spoke about the arms race and the growth of military spending during the third meeting of the "Astana Club".
Astana city 13 November, 16:25

"The existing systems of regional international security do not correspond to the dynamics of development of events and the solution of old, emerging new problems. The risks of fragmentation of the world economic and technological space are becoming more and more evident. There is a formation of a new trade world order by forming large blocks around competing economic centers", the Head of State noted.

According to the President, this can lead to a decrease in the role of the World Trade Organization and the strengthening of protectionism.

As N. Nazarbayev said, sanction wars become threats of international trade and fair competition, which under the pretext of political pressure pursue economic goals or vice versa.

"The growth of militaristic sentiments and the arms race, the resurgence of the threat of use of nuclear weapons. For many years and decades, military operations in the Middle East and Africa remain in active phase. The situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh is in an unsolved state. The growth of global tension increases the demand for armaments. Military spending once again rose last year and amounted to 1.7 trillion US dollars or 2.2% of world GDP. The United States of America increased its military spending to 611 billion dollars, China to 215 billion, Russia to 69 billion, India to 56 billion", the Head of State explained.

As Nursultan Nazarbayev added, these are large parts of the total national income of the above-mentioned countries.

"The growth of military spending is not only a threat to the security of the world, it is an inefficient diversion of economic and human resources from the real needs of development and prosperity on Earth. The testing of weapons of mass destruction, the situation on the Korean peninsula, makes the whole world nervous today. Against this background, there is no consensus between the major powers on missile defense, the reduction of nuclear weapons", the President noted.

The Head of State mentioned that he clearly defined his vision of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Manifesto "Peace. XXI century ", which was announced on the eve of the session of the UN Assembly last year.

We note, today the Head of State takes part in the third meeting of the "Astana Club".


Akbota Kuzekbay