N.Nazarbayev: Kazakhstan is an interactive platform on all relevant issues of humanity

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the third meeting of the Astana club. At the meeting, the Head of State dwelled on the most pressing issues of humanity and the ways of their solution.
Astana city 16 November, 11:17

In the speech, the President noted that the format of Astana club allows you to effectively search for answers to the most pressing, current issues of our time.

"We do not really hear expert, sensitive positions where to go and what to do. Kazakhstan confidently entered the second quarter of the century in its independence. The principles of our foreign policy are well known. Today, Kazakhstan is an international dialogue platform on virtually all relevant issues of humanity. A clear confirmation at the moment was the fact that the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 was held in the summer. It was attended by 115 countries and 22 international organizations. The exhibition was visited by more than 4 million people. We are trying to bring to the world what has been lacking in recent times - unification, cohesion, tolerance for solving global problems", the Head of State said.

In this regard, Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke about Kazakhstan's diplomacy, which is inherent in the philosophy of dialogue, compromise and mutually beneficial partnership.

"This can be seen, for example, in the mediation of efforts on Syria, anti-nuclear initiatives, the contribution to the dialogue between cultures, civilizations, development in the socio-economic agendas of the day. Today Kazakhstan is a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, from January 1 we chair the organization. Participation in meetings of the Security Council made it possible to once again see what is happening, tectonic changes in international relations. These changes, unfortunately, are not for the better. The building of a new architecture for global development takes place in a condition of deepening geopolitical and geo-economic, which is especially critical of the ideological East-West fault", N. Nazarbayev noted.

At the same time, as the Head of State underlined, political repression, poverty, low level of education, health care and sharp contrast of the level of development of countries are a breeding ground for international terrorism and extremism.

It should be noted that more than 60 countries of the world gathered in the international discussion platform. Among them are the former Heads of State of Turkey, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.


Akbota Kuzekbay