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Resident of Aktobe financed erection of monument devoted to 350th anniversary of Yesset Batyr

In Bestamak village, 30 km south of Aktobe, the 350th anniversary of Yesset Batyr Kokiuly, a great son of the Kazakh people, was widely celebrated. The main event was the opening of the monument with the statue of Yesset batyr on a horse, the Governor’s Office of Aktobe region reports.
Aktobe 13 November, 09:20

The height of the monument, made of fiberglass, is 11.5 meters, weight - 1.5 tons. Local entrepreneur Nurlan Sagnalin financed 32 million tenge to the construction and arrangement of the territory within the framework of the action "Tugan zherge tagyzym ".

Governor of Aktobe region Berdybek Saparbayev took part in solemn events.

"There is a proverb among the Kazakhs which says "There is no future without the past". Therefore, in accordance with the program of the article of the Head of State "The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience", we revive our history and spiritual values. The main goal is to educate the younger generation to love their people, to be a patriot of their country, to respect and protect their native land. The opening of this monument is an excellent example for young people", the Governor of the region underlined.

According to the Governor’s Office of the region, there is the mausoleum in the village where the great Kazakh commander is buried. Here, a yurt village, competitions on national sports as the Kazakh wrestling, alaman baiga, zhorga zharys and others were organized.

Also, the opening of the rural medical dispensary was held within the event. The medical institution is another socially significant project implemented within the framework of public-private partnership. The medical outpatient clinic is fully equipped with all necessary medical equipment, has a dental and physiotherapy rooms. The institution of 73 million tenge is for 80 visits a day.

Ysset batyr Kokiuly is a well-known Kazakh hero and commander, tarkhan, representative of the highest military-tribal aristocracy. He was an active participant in the struggle against the Dzungars and Volga Kalmyks for almost half a century, one of the close associates of Khan Abulkhair. The mausoleum of Yesset batyr is a place of pilgrimage not only for Aktobe residents, but also for residents of other regions of Kazakhstan.