Customs Union

What products do not meet requirements of technical regulations of Customs Union

A list of food products has been established this year. It has a pronounced inconsistency with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU). Chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Bekshin told about it during a press conference in the Central Communications Service.
Astana city10 November , 20:31

According to him, the percentage of meat products is in the lead. So, sausages with excess moisture and pathogenic microflora accounted for 27% of the discrepancy. Culinary products such as salads, hamburgers and pizzas accounted for 25%. Bakery products also fell into the category of non-conforming products. Identified physicochemical indicators and potato bacillus were reflected in the form of 23.7% nonconformity requirements of TR CU. Fish products accounted for 21.5%.

"Poultry meat - 20.5% of the discrepancy. Basically, these products are supplied from the Russian Federation. "Kurnikov", "Stavropol Broiler" and "Blagoyar". Pathogenic microflora and injection have been identified", the speaker emphasized.

Let's note, for 9 months it has been selected more than 26 thousand samples of food production. Of these, non-compliance with the requirements of technical regulations amounted to 7.2%.


Kamilla Rashid