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Kazakhstan to create its tourist brand

Main directions of NC "Kazakh Tourism" include: marketing and promotion, information and analytical support, attraction of investments and development of competencies. It was announced by Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC Kazakh Tourism" Rashid Kuzembayev during a meeting on the activities of companies on the site of NCE "Atameken".
Nur-Sultan 20 October, 08:43

As R. Kuzembayev noted, the national company forms a single policy of promotion of the Kazakhstan tourist product, within the framework of which a tourist brand of the country will be created. Emphasis will be placed on competitive tourism products of priority clusters, as well as 5 sub-brands: "The Motherland of Apples", "The Way of the Tulip", "The Great Silk Road", "Altai - the Cradle of Civilizations" and "Domestication of the Horse", on the basis of which the relevant thematic festivals "Apple fest", "Tulip Way" and others will be held.

In terms of investments by the national company, the company focuses on attracting investors, where the emphasis is on attracting "anchor" investors in priority clusters defined by the Industry Development Concept, and investment activities where the State presented by NC "Kazakh Tourism" JSC will co-invest in large "anchor" projects.

R. Kuzembayev said that currently, jointly with the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Scientific and Production Enterprise "Atameken", work is underway to include the tourism industry in the priority list in order to obtain preferences, as well as to develop forms of public-private partnership and interaction with development institutions and international financial organizations.

"First of all, together with the authorized body and the NCE “Atameken”, we need to legislatively expand the list of subjects of tourist activities. For today, according to the law, these are only tour operators, travel agencies, guides, whereas all the subjects that invest in the development of the tourist infrastructure, entertainment industry, etc. should enter this list", R. Kuzembayev said.

Based on the results of the meeting between JSC "NC Kazakh Tourism" and NCE "Atameken" an agreement on cooperation was signed.