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3 state standards to be adopted in 2018 - G. Dugalov (VIDEO)

According to the State Standardization Plan, it is planned to adopt 3 state standards in 2018. This was announced by chairman of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Galymzhan Dugalov within the framework of the round table devoted to the World Standards Day.
Astana city 13 October, 15:17

"Modern megacities must be productive, accessible and convenient for human life. To implement these tasks, the Kazakhstan system of standardization must correspond to the leading foreign analogues. Modern standardization is subject not only to goods and products, but also services, as well as such concepts as energy efficiency, interchangeability, ergonomics, etc. To raise the level of Kazakhstan's standardization to the level of developed countries is one of the priority areas of our activity", G. Dugalov said.

According to the speaker, today the Parliament of the country is actively working on the adoption of the Law, which, on the basis of the international model, brings standardization to a separate regulatory system, fixes the National Standardization Body and strengthens the role of the Technical Committees.

"In the future, it will create an opportunity to increase exports of domestic goods, provide a positive economic effect and assist in attracting investment in country's economy", he added.

In addition, G. Dugalov noted that Kazakhstan is working on the development of "Smart Cities" projects in Astana, Almaty and other key cities of the country.

"The Committee takes an active part in the formation of the "Smart Astana" Concept and the development of the necessary normative and technical documents. 9 national guidelines have already been adopted covering the whole business process of building a system of "smart cities", starting with the construction of buildings and structures, ending with a management system and evaluating efficiency. In 2017, seven more standards will be adopted, and according to the State Standardization Plan, 3 standards are planned for 2018"t, he speaker said.

Also, close international cooperation with ISO, IEC, CEN and participation in the work of the Technical Committee ISO 268 "Sustainable development of society" is carried out.

"Today, we set the task of strengthening Kazakhstan's leadership in promoting the quality infrastructure in the Central Asian region. This year, the information system "Regional Standards Internet Store" began to operate, uniting the GOST bases and national standards of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. This project was implemented jointly with the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ", G. Dugalov said.

In general, the year 2017 became special for workers in the sphere of standardization in Kazakhstan. It should be noted that at the 40th General Assembly of the International Organization for Standardization ISO, Kazakhstan on an alternative basis was elected to the 20 member-countries of the ISO Council for 2018-2020. This is not only a credit to the trust of Kazakhstan from the international community, but also, undoubtedly, a great achievement of our country. Membership in the ISO Council will help to reduce technical barriers to trade, and will also contribute to the further development of national standardization.


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Video by Azamat Aliyev